Browse Recovery

You’re seeing great traffic to your site. You even optimized it for conversion and implemented Cart Recovery to engage those shoppers who are so close to completing a purchase. Your hard work is really paying off. But could you be doing even more? What about those shoppers who’ve expressed interest in your products by browsing your site but have yet to add anything to a shopping cart? Capturing and using this browse data has become an increasingly important part of an effective marketing program. Simply put, the more coverage you have over the funnel, the more revenue you can generate. You may be thinking, “Great! I’m already collecting that data.” But while many companies leverage web analytics to better understand where visitors come from and what they do before leaving, those tools are typically siloed. Derrick Riley, Digital Marketing Manager for our friends at Fox Racing, said it best: “Understanding what our customers are browsing on is really the next frontier. While we can analyze browsing results separately, being able to leverage the data within our marketing platform really makes it useful.” To deliver on the promise of making that behavior data useful, Bronto just released Browse Recovery. Our latest app gives the marketer control over crafting a powerful browse recovery program. Here’s how:

Quick, Easy Setup

Import your product catalog into Bronto, and add a single script tag to your footer. The rest is handled within the app itself, and a walkthrough guides you through the few, simple steps to get started.

Configurable Trigger Rules

You control how often customers receive these personalized messages. For instance, you could exclude recent purchasers and those currently in other workflows, such as your cart recovery series. You can also regulate how many and which products to highlight, enabling you to showcase the highest-priced or highest-rated products of those viewed, for example.

Centralized Reporting

If you cannot measure success, why bother? Browse Recovery puts all the stats in front you, presented beautifully, so you can track just how well your program is performing. As with all things, there is a difference between doing it and doing it well. Bronto is here to help make sure your browse recovery program is done well, and we’ve given you some of the tools and tips to succeed. But we also have just the hands-on assistance you may need. Our professional services team offers a strategic sprint to help with:
  • Product catalog setup.
  • Configuration of settings for data capture.
  • Creation of messages, including dynamic tags.
  • Automation configuration and testing.
Want more information? Check out our recent webinar or visit the Bronto AppCenter for more details. We also invite you to join us for “Turn Browse Abandoners to Buyers: Using Marketing Automation to Convert Wandering Shoppers” on May 10. During this webinar hosted by Total Retail, Boston Retail Partners VP Jeff Neville and I will discuss the topic and offer some great strategies for turning those browsers into buyers. Register today! Ready to get started? Contact your account manager today.