We are building the foundation for an exceptional user experience (UX) for our platform by focusing on a consistent design language, a shared component library and establishing user centered design methodologies. To start, we identified the foundational elements of our teams goals:  defining our design language, building a component library, and incorporating user-centered design methodologies into our process. We recently brought all of these elements together to build our New Reports feature, available now in Bronto Labs. To design for this feature, the product design team collaborated with Senior Product Manager Matt Davis and Development Team Lead Mark Smith. We designed primarily in Sketch, a digital design program, and paired it with Invision, a prototyping tool. We designed multiple iterations of mockups and user flows that defined user interactions, visual design and behavior of individual components and overall composition. We delivered final mockups and user flows to the engineering team so they could estimate project scope, planning and software development.

One of our primary goals is to create a consistent user experience across the Bronto Marketing Platform. To help ensure that consistency, we created a style guide design system and component library. The engineering team that worked on New Reports was one of the first teams to incorporate our new design system and components. Code named “Pangea,” this design system sets the tone for how the platform will look and feel to the user – and how he or she will interact with it. Each Pangea component is defined in detail and includes specific annotations, patterns for use and documentation.

We launched New Reports in Bronto Labs in March, and we’re receiving great feedback from customers about its new features and ease of use. Now, the product design team will work with to incorporate the design system and components into other areas of the platform. Our shared repository of reusable components, defined by the style guide, has reduced inconsistencies in our platform, sped up designer to developer workflow, and is resulting in a better experience for users. At the same time, Senior Product Designer and Researcher Julie Grundy is leading an initiative to incorporate user-centered design methodologies and practices into our process. She has established a cadence for usability testing and user interviews - meeting regularly with customers remotely and in person in an effort to understand what is important to them and why. Grundy also is inviting Oracle + Bronto customers to participate in the UX Brigade, which means they agree to speak occasionally with a UX designer from our team. UX Brigade members are part of an influential community that will shape the future of Bronto’s user experience. The time commitment is estimated to be 30 minutes every few months. Participation could include one or more of these:

  • Participation in a remote usability test.
  • One-on-one interview.
  • Occasional survey.
  • On-site visit.
If you're an Oracle NetSuite customer and would like to participate in the UX Brigade, sign up for the UX Brigade. It’s an exciting time to be a product designer at Bronto. With the recent establishment and proven success of product design within the engineering organization, and the increasing demand for design on new products and features, we're excited about what’s next on deck. Cheers!