Today, Bronto’s General Manager Carolyn Sparano offered Bronto Summit attendees a glimpse into the future of commerce for consumers and retailers. And David Tyson, director of product management, and Kristen Morales, senior director of client services, followed up with an overview of all that Bronto has done to march toward that vision and a sneak peek at what the future holds for commerce marketers who use Bronto.

Bronto’s Product Enhancements Pave the Way

The future, as Sparano said, is all about data. Our most recent enhancements to the Bronto Marketing Platform are in response to industry trends and the desire to offer consumers an integrated, omnichannel shopping experience. Tyson and Morales shared these highlights: New Reports. Our introduction of New Reports in Bronto applies the power of data to improve and expand visibility into the success of your overall marketing strategies. When you enable the feature in Bronto Labs, you can view 12 core metrics per device type, a total of 48 variants in all, for quick insights that can give you an edge. Dynamic Ribbon. We added Dynamic Ribbon to our Pop-Up Manager app, which allows you to trigger pop-up messages that stay pinned to the top of your website. The ribbon appeals to retailers looking for options that allow visitors to sign up even after they discard the initial pop-up. And in the wake of Google’s announcement last year, some retailers want pop-ups that don’t visually obscure content on their mobile sites. Workflows. A new action node allows you to remove a contact from an SMS campaign based on a contact’s actions. Workflow-node copy and paste makes it easy to replicate elements of your most effective workflows without rebuilding them. Our new line-item comparison filter node allows you to change messaging based on characteristics of an individual line item. Segments. Our new segment and content tag templates make it faster and easier to build and execute campaigns. We also identified common and useful segments across our customer base and made it easier for you to create them in a single click to reach segments such as VIPs, lapsed purchasers and new or non-engaged subscribers. “If you haven't explored these new features yet, we highly encourage you to dive in,” Morales told the audience. “They are explicitly designed to make your life easier.” Integrations. Solid integrations are a critical component of making life easier for commerce marketers, Tyson said. Bronto builds integrations to industry leading commerce platforms and recently announced a partnership with Shopify Plus. “We will continue to invest in this area,” he said.

Converting the “Almost” Customer

Every Bronto customer now has access to Recommendations Standard, which makes it possible to recommend products to shoppers and layer on the business rules you set. For example, you can recommend only products over a certain profit margin or products that are trending on your website. Morales shared the story of PHE, the multi-channel retailer behind brands Adam & Eve and other brands. They were running into out-of-stock issues with email deliveries because they created their messages 30 days in advance. They began using Recommendations Standard to send targeted messages to segments of their subscriber base and included a business rule that ensured the products featured would be in stock. In the first two months of using the app, PHE had a 13% lift in click-through rates over emails without recommendations, which led to a 33% increase in email-generated revenue. “We’ve been building this more personalized customer journey for quite some time, and this was just the beginning,” said Tyson. “We took it up a level and began to harness the power of browse data.” Bronto’s Browse Recovery app tracks shoppers’ browsing behavior and automates the delivery of personalized messages to each shopper based on their level of interest and intent before they even add items to the cart. Morales shared how Brooks Sports, a running shoe and apparel company, automatically sends these emails to shoppers who browse. The result has been a 61% open rate, 24% click rate and 7% conversion rate. Tyson explained that the next step in creating more personalized marketing was the introduction of Recommendations Premium, an app that automates one-to-one marketing to shoppers using individual contact’s behavior and the business rules you set. Morales recounted how men’s retailer Paul Fredrick worked with Bronto’s professional services team to pair Browse Recovery with Recommendations Premium and saw immediate success. Paul Fredrick’s open rate is 130% higher than standard promotional emails, click rates are 218% higher and conversion rates are 75% higher. And their average order value is 46% higher using this browse and recommendations combination.

The Future: Web Recommendations and Intelligent Insights

Tyson and Morales shared two exciting steps Bronto will take on the path toward more personalized marketing for Bronto customers. First, Bronto will take Recommendations Premium to the web, so marketers can power website and email recommendations from the same platform. “Just as you can control the product recommendations you display in email, you’ll be able to control them on your website and display recommended products right on the page,” said Tyson. “What a great opportunity to help customers find the right products and drive up your average order value.” Bronto will also introduce Intelligent Insights, which uses machine learning to surface marketing opportunities to Bronto users based on how well their campaigns are performing. Wouldn’t it be nice to know who on your contact list is about to churn so you can deliver a win-back campaign just in time? Based on the data they have, Morales said Brooks Sports knows that 13 months without a purchase is the point of no return for their customers. So, right before a customer reaches that point, they send a 25% coupon and a survey. If customers say they are no longer running, Brooks sends them a video encouraging them to get started again. “This is engagement,” said Morales. “And we’re going to surface this level of actionable information for all Bronto users.” Tyson said, “We want to predict what you, the marketer, needs to do. We want to help you answer questions, such as what campaign you should create next and which groups of contacts you should target for the highest return for your business.” With so many exciting developments on the horizon for Bronto customers, there’s much to look forward to in the coming months. If you’re at Bronto Summit, be sure to stop by the Commerce Café to meet our commerce experts. Find us, grab a drink and let's chat. We want to hear from you.