Back in February, Lucas Weber gave us a great post titled "How To Send A Subscription Confirmation Message." In that post, Lucas described how to use double opt-in when importing contacts into your Bronto account. For those of you using a webform to bring in your contacts, though, you may have been waiting to find out how to send a confirmation message to these new contacts.

With this post, that wait is over. Today we will outline how you can send confirmations to all contacts added via webforms. For our demonstration, we will be using the new webform interface rolled out with our most recent release.

Prepare Your Message

Before you edit your webform, you will need to create a subscription confirmation message. Creating messages is covered extensively in the online help, and will not be covered in this blog post. Instead, we’ll be focusing on making sure that the message we want to send has a Confirmation URL in it so that our contacts have some way to confirm their subscription.

We actually have a special tag that can be placed on any element in your message, whether it is an image or a simple text link. The special tag you’ll need to use to create a click-able confirmation URL is %%!confirm_url%%. Here is how it would look as part of a text link:

<a href="%%!confirm_url%%"> Click here to confirm your subscription </a>

Setting Up Your Webform

Setting up subscription confirmation for a webform can be done from the Form Settings for the desired form. First, make sure that you are editing an Add Contacts form, as subscription confirmation will not work with any other type of form.

While editing the webform, click the Form Settings button in the upper right to access the Settings dialog box. In the dialog window, check the box in the lower left corner marked "Add contacts with a status of Unconfirmed."

Once you have checked that box, make sure to choose an option in the drop-down menu directly below it labeled "Welcome Message Behavior." For your double opt-in form, you will want to choose the option "Send a welcome message to new contacts." 

Once you make that choice, you will be given the option to select your welcome message. Make sure to choose the message that you created earlier containing the Subscription Confirmation link, as this link is required to complete the double opt-in process.

Once you've made your selections, click the Done button in lower right of the Form Settings dialog box, then click the Save & Close button. Your webform is now set up to use double opt-in!

Brad Gurley
Support Associate at Bronto