New Reports provides a next-gen user interface to examine metrics from a variety of angles across desktop, phone and tablet devices. Currently, New Reports includes six report types: delivery reports, message reports, A/B split reports, list reports, segment reports and email performance, which gives an aggregate measurement across all campaigns. These reports are broken up into tabs, with the metrics in each one focused on a different area. These tabs are (mostly) the same across reports, with each report displaying those metrics in a different context.

I can’t request access to New Reports. How can I do this?

If the button to request New Reports is grayed out in your account, it’s likely that your account does not have Order Service enabled. If you’re unable to request access, please contact your account manager for details on how to upgrade.


Which reports are covered?

Currently, New Reports has six report types: delivery, message, A/B split, list, segment and email performance.


What reports are not available in New Reports?

SMS reports, automated message rules (AMR), workflow reports and dashboard reports are not available in New Reports.


What’s new in reporting?

  • Modern, responsive user interface.
  • Integrated performance charts with over twice the available metrics.
  • Desktop-, phone-, and tablet-level metrics.
  • Best-in-class heat maps, including link-level RFM metrics.
  • Segment and list-level metrics.
  • Multi-currency filtering.


How can I see the old reports I’ve been looking at for years?

By navigating to Home > Settings > Bronto > Labs, you can disable new reports by clicking on the “Enabled” toggle switch. The switch will then read as “Disabled,” and your New Reports will then be off until you enable them again.


Why do my reports always say “LABS” on the left-hand side?

New Reports is currently a Bronto Labs feature. This means it’s been tested and is ready to use but is in an iterative state with new features and improvements being consistently implemented.

I can’t find the heat map that shows where my customers have clicked on an email. Where did it go?

The heat map can now be found in the “Links” tab in any delivery report. It will display a rendering of your email with metrics for each link found on the page.


Does New Reports have device-level reporting?

Yes! You can now view our entire core metrics set by desktop, phone or tablet. This can be found in the “Devices” tab in any core report.


Is old data converted to new reporting?

No. New Reporting will only show metrics for data obtained once the feature has been enabled. New Reporting does not affect delivery groups or legacy report data.


How do I access old reports?

Once New Reports is enabled, they will slowly replace your legacy reports for things such as deliveries and messages. If you need to access a legacy version, you will need to disable new Reports. You can still access legacy dashboard reports by navigating to Reports > Legacy Reports.


More questions?

These are some of the common questions, but of course, if you have further questions, please reach out to your account manager.