Did you know that Bronto’s engineering team releases enhancements and/or new features to the Bronto platform almost every week? This year, we’ve delivered some great new functionality that you’ve heard a lot about, such as date filtering in reports, our redesigned message editor, and the ability to import and use product data to customize your messages. But smaller improvements don’t always make their way into blog posts or official announcements. These changes are still very important because they often include the enhancements you’ve asked for and are designed to make your Bronto experience better. That’s great, but how do you find out about these updates? What's New linkIf you ever find yourself wondering about the latest updates in Bronto, click on the What’s New link in the banner of the platform to open the What’s New online help system. Here, we cover everything that’s been released - from the biggest, new platform features to the smallest updates. What's New screen shot Every Thursday, we update What’s New with a list of what the engineering team delivered that week. If it’s in What’s New, it’s available and ready for you to use in Bronto. Want to know more about something you see in What’s New? Simply click the link to read the full documentation about that feature in the BMP online help system. Our team wants to help you get the most out of the Bronto platform. If you have thoughts about what you’d like to see, tell us about it at the Ideas Forum. Some day, it just might show up in What’s New!