Earlier this month, Bronto Product Marketing Manager Damian Trzebunia and I hosted the webinar “Cart Recovery Just Got Easier”. We explained why a commerce marketer should seek to recover revenue from abandoned carts and also how Bronto’s new app, Cart Recovery, functions. Now I want to put some additional focus on how things “Just Got Easier” for marketers who use Cart Recovery.

In the past, implementing a shopping cart abandonment (SCA) solution required quite a bit of work. Before implementation could even begin, you had to search through third-party providers and filter through a long list of companies that could potentially provide a solution for you. After reviewing the solution and determining if the functionality was ideal, you then had to confirm that the solution would integrate with your current commerce platform.

Once this hurdle was crossed, the next step was to determine how the recovery messages would be sent and where they’d be sent from. Would emails be sent from this third-party solution? If so, would you now have multiple systems to monitor for performance metrics? Would the messages be sent through your existing ESP, a process that might require yet another integration?

Working through this selection process alone was very time consuming and expensive. And it didn’t even touch on the time required for the implementation of an SCA solution on the commerce site. Once the solution was implemented, there was likely a new platform that was used to configure the program, build messages, view metrics, etc. What if you wanted to leverage data you already have about your contacts to make decisions on the the content of the message - how would this happen? Was there another integration point or manual syncing of data?

Is your head hurting yet? Don’t worry, Bronto’s Cart Recovery can ease the pain.

Here’s How We Made Cart Recovery Easier

Simple Selection Process
There is no longer the need to go through lengthy evaluation processes. Bronto already handles your automation and sending, so it makes perfect sense to also use Bronto’s Cart Recovery.

Cart Recovery was designed with ease of use in mind. The marketer simply puts a snippet of JavaScript on their site, builds messages and creates workflows. The rest of the configuration is handled by Bronto.

You get to use functionality you are already familiar with, such as Bronto’s Message Editor, Workflows, and Segmentation. You can utilize existing contact data you already have in the platform to make decisions on the content you include in the Cart Recovery Message. For example, you can look at the contacts AOV and determine if you want to send a free shipping offer, a discount offer, or no offer at all.

Easy To Monitor Metrics
Cart Recovery messages are just like any other message in Bronto. This gives you the ability to monitor all of the delivery metrics, such as sends, opens, clicks, conversions, revenue per email, etc.

Deliverability You Can Control and Monitor
If you are sending abandoned cart messages that aren’t making it to the contact, you might as well not be sending at all. You already have strong deliverability with Bronto; you’ll get more of the same with our Cart Recovery app.

One Platform
This is most critical and really sums up how we’ve made recovering abandoned carts easier. As you can see from the items above, with Bronto’s Cart Recovery, everything is in one centralized platform that you already know inside and out - message creation, automation, sending, contact data and segmentation, deliverabilty, analytics and more!