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Allowing Customers to Cut Their Cloth With Reusable Nappies

Allowing Customers to Cut Their Cloth With Reusable Nappies


Develop a better integration between email and the website.

Improve customer loyalty and create brand fans.

Expand demand for complementary products, such as potty-training supplies and swim nappies.


Improve the welcome series and integrate it with the company’s website.

Create more targeted marketing with promotions to drive sales.

Segment customers based on their child’s birth date and life stage.


Welcome series has a 69.7% open rate, 25.3% click rate and 24.7% conversion rate with revenue of £3.49 per email.

Email revenue accounts for around 20% of the business.

Able to easily track results and demonstrate ROI.

The cloth nappy market has moved from niche to mainstream in recent years as the desire to save money and be more environmentally friendly has led new parents to choose cloth nappies over disposables.

When Bambino Mio started in 1997, only 2% of parents opted for reusable nappies. Today, nearly one-third of UK parents use them. “Eco-friendly millennial parents are driving the reusable nappy surge,” says Joreen Singh, marketing manager for Bambino Mio.

“The market is growing, and the demand for our product is growing. Since the recession, sales have steadily increased year-on-year because this is the type of product that saves customers money. It’s also the type of product that makes you feel good about using it with your baby,” Singh says. The brand sells both internationally and through major retailers in the UK, its biggest market.


Cart Recovery series
converts at 33x that
of standard emails.

Until recently, email was just a small part of the company’s growth strategy. “It was fine at the time, as we were just dipping our toe in the water. The nursery market appeared to be behind other markets, so we were just sending the odd email here and there,” Singh says. “Then, as we started to understand a bit more about digital and build out our strategy, we revamped the website, which brought about a new email marketing plan.” But the existing email provider couldn’t do what Singh wanted. There were too many workarounds, no seamless integration with Magento (their ecommerce platform) and few metrics. “And it wasn’t user-friendly,” Singh says.

With Bronto, that all changed.

Succeeding With a Welcome Series

One of the first projects Singh tackled with Bronto was a welcome series. “We had been sending a welcome series, but it wasn’t linked to our ecommerce site. The new welcome email offers new subscribers 15% off their first order, and we’re working on a second email to follow up. The email has a 69.7% open rate, a 25.3% click rate and a 24.7% conversion rate,” says Singh. “That equates to just under £26,000 of revenue since it was implemented and a revenue per email of £3.49.”

An email promotion around “Real Nappy Week,” a nationwide event that focuses the market around the benefits of cloth nappies, was also a big success. “We created a specific campaign around that and sent two emails to our UK subscribers the first day of that week. One email offered 25% off the entire site and had an open rate of 10.2%, a click rate of 21.4% and a conversion rate of 7.2%,” says Singh. The email campaign helped drive a 67% revenue increase over the web-only event’s results from the previous year.

Partner Projects Are Blooming

The company is also experimenting with lead generation campaigns and seeing phenomenal results. “We ran a campaign in Germany in October, targeting a particular customer segment with an email that offered the chance to try our product for free. Traffic was driven to a landing page on our site that used Bronto’s Coupon Manager to encourage sign-ups in exchange for a unique promotional code. Customers received their coupon straight away and were sent directly to the website to redeem it,” Singh says.

And the results stood out. “We saw an open rate of 88.9%, a click rate of 83.6% and a conversion rate of 56.1% through email. It has been our most impressive campaign so far with Bronto, and some of those customers have also purchased additional items. These are all new customers,” she says.

The success of the campaign even took her by surprise, given that Germany is a relatively new market for the brand. “It’s always been a successful campaign, but we didn’t think it would be as successful as it has been in Germany as we are just entering the market. I also believe that the mechanics of the landing page and Bronto form, along with the way our emails now look in Bronto, have added to the success and increased ROI,” says Singh.

Quote mark

As a marketer, it’s important to be able to quantify results and prove the return on our investment in Bronto.”

Joreen Singh,
Marketing Manager, Bambino Mio

Looking Toward the Future

Email currently accounts for around 20% of ecommerce revenue, but this is a figure that’s likely to increase as new campaigns are adopted. And now the company has a new staff member dedicated solely to email. “We see the potential of email for our brand, and that’s why we’re investing in it,” says Singh.

Bambino Mio plans to expand its welcome and basket recovery series to improve customer conversion rates. It will also focus on additional segmentation to drive sales. “The other key objective is to continue to build out the customer journey. If you’ve purchased a particular product, we want to send follow-up instructions on how to care for it or upsell other items you may need when using reusable nappies. We also want to time campaigns around consumables for repeat purchases,” she says.

“There are seasonal campaigns, too. Take swim nappies, for example. We will begin sending those campaigns in March. And we’ll also start targeting customers using the date of birth field, so we can send life-stage emails with potty-training products when their children are near potty-training,” Singh says.

As impressive as the results are, Singh says one of Bronto’s biggest benefits is that it lets her demonstrate the ROI for email campaigns. “As a marketer, it’s important to be able to quantify results and prove the return on our investment.”

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