Building a Fun Brand and Revenue Through Email

Building a Fun Brand and Revenue Through Email


Move to a more strategic approach.

Strengthen the brand through email.

Build closer relationships with customers.


Built new template.

Introduced welcome series, cart recovery and reengagement campaigns.

Used segmentation and recommendations.


61% YOY increase in email generated revenue.

Revenue generated by email versus other sales channels up 35% YOY.

Only the coolest, most fun gadgets and games are sold by the Swedish online retailer Coolstuff through its six local websites in the Nordics, Germany, UK and to the rest of the world.

The website was creative and fun – but the email communication was in need of an update. "When I joined Coolstuff, the email service provider was pretty basic with limited design features and no segmentation or automation capabilities," says online CRM manager Yelena Starikova.

"One of my first jobs was to find a new ESP," Starikova says. "Together with our CRM consultant, we spoke to around 10 companies and felt that Bronto was the perfect fit. It was ecommerce focused, promised easy and fast implementation and I was really impressed with the automation features," she says.


Email generated
revenue up 61%,
revenue share of
email up 35% YOY.

Coolstuff signed with Bronto in September and needed to be up and running on the platform in November. "A speedy integration was a very important factor. November and December is when we become a Santa Claus factory. It was really important to quickly complete at least a basic integration and create a new template to start sending our amazing newsletters," she says.

Getting the template right was critical. "Brand consistency is important. Coolstuff is about being fun, engaging and cooler than everyone else but the old template was outdated and hard to work with. The whole brand experience was uplifted with Bronto and we started to create incredible campaigns," Starikova says.

Much More Than Just Cool Newsletters

Coolstuff introduced a number of automated campaigns including a three-part welcome series to establish closer links with its customers. "Now when someone signs up we can start building a relationship straight away by explaining who we are, how we are different and offering a 10% discount on the first order. Revenue per welcome email is 33 times higher than the newsletter. And we plan to develop it further in terms of behaviour interaction," she says.

Coolstuff has also introduced a three-part cart abandonment series and a win back campaign for dormant customers, which produces revenue per email six times higher than the newsletter. "We have calculated that customers make their second purchase after 143 days so they receive the win back series two weeks prior to that to prevent them from lapsing. One message is a 'we miss you' email using Recommendations Premium to display recommendations based on their previous purchase. The second has a deeper selection of new products and recommendations," she says.

Quote mark

The ease of use of the platform and the fact that even a small team can do so much is one of its major benefits. ”

Yelena Starikova
Online CRM Manager, Coolstuff

Recommendations and Personalisation are the way Forward

Starikova says she is hugely encouraged by the initial results of Recommendations Premium. "I can already see that conversions are much higher than the hero image," she says. "We will definitely test more recommendation boxes and play around with it in different campaigns," she says.

Segmentation has made the emails more personal, something Starikova admits to being enchanted by. "The segmentation capabilities are one of the most sophisticated I've seen. We do a lot of segmentation since our customers have so many different interests – from Star Wars to kitchen gadgets. I have more than 20 segments for each country built. You can pretty much do anything you want when it comes to segmentation. You just need to have an idea and go for it. It's the perfect blend of extreme sophistication and simplicity," she says.

"The ease of use of the platform and the fact that even a small team can do so much is one of its major benefits," Starikova says. "It's a superior machine. You just need a good driver and then the sky is the limit. Right now, it's all about personalisation and a smart customer journey and Bronto is the perfect tool for this hot topic. The interface is very powerful. It lets you create advanced workflows based on events that the user triggers, for example as they browse the site or interact with emails. There's also great professional service, the knowledge transfer from my Bronto strategist is incredible. It has helped me grow as a professional."

“But we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Next steps include an even bigger focus on personalisation and cross-channel journeys. We will also take a closer look at the Social Bridge app to communicate with customers through Facebook and Instagram along their social media journey. And SMS looks like an interesting channel to develop.”

And the results speak for themselves. Email generated revenue in Sweden, the company's biggest market, increased by 61% YOY. "Everyone is really pleased," Starikova says. "Bronto was a great choice."

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