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Footwear Brand Succeeds at Ecommerce With a Little Strategy Help

Footwear Brand Succeeds at Ecommerce With a Little Strategy Help


Deploy a sophisticated email marketing campaign with a small team.

Add triggered messages that generate revenue without a lot of support.

Create campaigns that build lifetime value.


Contract for strategy services to supplement small team.

Adopt a welcome series that successfully onboards new customers.

Add triggered cart recovery emails.


Return on investment from the strategist’s ideas paid for the service many times over.

Over time, cart recovery emails average $4.80 per email.

Online revenue is growing steadily.

Sue Meehan admits she was a bit of a skeptic.

The Global Director of Brand and Ecommerce for EMU Australia was considering adding cart recovery emails to the footwear company’s ecommerce toolset. “You know how you read case studies and they’re positive, but you don’t really believe it until you see it yourself?” asked Meehan. But two years later, she is sold. Bronto’s Cart Recovery app has delivered a monthly average as high as $17 per email in revenue. “We saw instant success in terms of revenue generation. It’s so simple, yet so effective.”


Email driven marketing
revenue up 3x
compared to results
with previous provider.

Cart recovery is just one approach that EMU Australia is taking as it expands its direct-to-consumer digital footprint. Originally a manufacturer and wholesaler, the company’s origins are rooted in the Australian coastal region famous for its surf breaks where it still handcrafts sheepskin boots that are now sold in more than 70 countries around the world.

“Bronto’s just a really user-friendly platform that offers a lot of opportunity, and because we’re a global business, it allows us to manage the global platform and campaign seamlessly,” Meehan says. The company transitioned to Bronto at the same time they moved to Demandware for ecommerce.

The Search for a User-Friendly Option

When Meehan was tasked with revamping and expanding the company’s online marketing, she wanted solutions her small team could quickly master. “We need to get programs up and running and have them tick along.” But she was also cognizant of the value of expert advice to launch the right mix of revenue-generating programs. Meehan contracted with Bronto professional services to make it easier to roll out successful programs, such as a welcome series and birthday campaign.

“At the very beginning, as we were building the business, it was valuable to have a strategist presenting and pursuing ideas to help us drive revenue – such as growing our database, optimizing our templates and adopting automated sprint activity,” says Meehan, adding, “It is so good to know what other brands are doing and, particularly, to have someone keep you on track.” Return on investment from the strategist’s ideas paid for the service many times over, Meehan says. “When you are a small team, it provides just the right resource and knowledge base.”


One of the strategist’s suggestions was the timing of cart recovery emails. EMU’s cart recovery messages generate a 172% higher open rate than their promotional messages. By carefully managing their timing, it generates 99.5% more revenue per email from the final message than the opening message. “That’s incredibly rare and shows the benefit of a well-timed cart recovery message and offer,” Meehan says. Reminders are sent two hours after cart abandonment, and another is sent 22 hours after the first message noting urgency issues (such as a that the item is low in stock). The third message goes out 48 hours after the second message. The conversion rate on the series has been as high as 38% – one reason it’s returned as much as $17 per email sent during one month’s period. Over time, the average return per email is $4.80 per email with an 18% conversion rate. An added bonus: “The Cart Recovery setup required minimal time and resources.”

EMU Australia also launched a welcome series that Meehan believes is critical to properly “onboarding” new subscribers. The three-part series has an open rate that’s 169% higher than standard sends. “We just saw such positive responses.” The welcome series has a 41% open rate, a 17% click through-rate and a 3% conversion rate.

Quote mark

With Cart Recovery, we saw instant success in terms of revenue generation. It’s so simple, yet so effective.”

Sue Meehan,
Global Director of Brand and Ecommerce, EMU Australia


Meehan’s next goals are to work on lifecycle and purchase cycle messaging – programs like a post-purchase series and segmenting loyal shoppers for specialized messages. “We collect a lot of great data, but we don’t analyze it the best we can. I’d like to get into that,” Meehan says.

For now, Meehan is thrilled with the key role email is playing for EMU’s market strategy.

“Overall, our online revenue has grown steadily in the last couple of years. For email in particular, we’re happy because we can automate a lot of campaigns that just generate revenue without requiring a large staff.”

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