Email Delivers a Knock-Out Punch

Email Delivers a Knock-Out Punch


Successfully deploy triggered messages.

Grow subscriber list.

Speak more effectively to different customers.


Implemented a triggered welcome series whose first message has a 24% conversion rate.

Strategically placed sign-ups across the site, which helped grow its subscriber list 60%.


Triggered campaigns helped grow email revenue by 365% in one year.

To any commerce marketer who is hesitant to employ triggered messages, consider Everlast’s experience.

The boxing, martial arts and fitness brand created one simple welcome series that accounts for 2.3% of email sends – but it delivers 38% of total email revenue.

“It’s a huge revenue converter,” says Everlast’s Ecommerce Manager Danit Zmora. The first message in the series has an average 23.4% conversion rate, a success that encouraged her to explore more triggered messages, including a post-purchase series.

Triggered campaigns are a big reason their email revenue has grown by 356% in the past year.


Welcome series accounts
for 2.3% of email sends
and delivers 38% of
total email revenue.

Throwing a Hat Into the Ring

Before Everlast could succeed with triggered messages, it needed a few things: an inviting website, an engaged list of email subscribers, and solid reporting to help Zmora understand if her messages were working. Everlast chose Blue Acorn for the website work and Bronto for the email platform.

With the new website in place, the first task was cleaning the subscriber list. Having lots of subscribers who never open an email can depress deliverability rates with some ISPs, so Zmora removed the 50% of Everlast’s subscriber base who were not engaged. Then she worked with a Bronto strategist on a plan for sign-ups that would help grow a healthy list.

While Everlast is known for its boxing equipment and clothing, it also sells to the mixed martial arts (MMA) community and has a fairly new line of women’s clothing and accessories. Zmora decided to strategically place an opportunity to subscribe near the top of each subsection.

The result: The list has grown almost 60% in one year. “As soon as we added the sign-up requests, we saw a li that has stayed consistent,” Zmora says.

An Easy 1-2

“One of our biggest challenges with our previous provider was reporting,” Zmora says. “For example, we wanted to find out how many of our contacts actually converted. We couldn’t do that with our previous platform. But with Bronto, we can really drill down with the reporting and get data on things like contacts who have a specific average order value or who purchased X number of times. We’re also able to get metrics on individual messages, grouped by message type and date sent.”

It’s also much easier to segment. This is critical because Zmora has found that MMA customers have some interest in boxing products, but boxing customers may have little interest in emails that highlight MMA products. “We’ve used Bronto’s segmentation feature to filter out MMA fans. We also do that with our women’s category, segmenting on people who buy women’s- only products or sign up for email through our women’s product pages.”

“We love how deep we can go with personalization and segmentation. Our previous platform wasn’t very user-friendly or nearly as interactive.”

Having the Right People in Your Corner

Everlast chose to add strategy as a service to help implement some of its programs. “Our Bronto strategist worked with us to create a roadmap that spelled out what we can do and helped us hit the ground running.”

Once Zmora successfully deployed the three-part welcome series, she moved on to working with her Bronto strategist on a post-purchase series. This type of series further engages customers by building brand awareness and encouraging a second (or third) purchase.

Quote mark

Our Bronto strategist worked with us to create a roadmap that spelled out what we can do and helped us hit the ground running.”

Danit Zmora,
Everlast’s Ecommerce Manager, Everlast

Open rates for Everlast’s post-purchase series are 65% (412% above that for a basic email) with conversion rates of 7 to 8%. Even more interesting is what happens with the second post-purchase message, which goes out after a customer buys from the first message (which includes an incentive). This second message is for contacts who have purchased and received the first post- purchase message in the past 30 days. It does not include an incentive. According to Zmora, it works. “It’s not revenue-driven, but the engagement is still pretty cool to see.”

Zmora has even experimented with segmentation based on geolocation. When an Everlast licensee opened three stores in Florida, she sent an email to subscribers who lived within 20 or 30 miles of the newly planned stores.

Toe-to-Toe With the Future

Like all commerce marketers, Everlast doesn’t want its discount codes readily available to non- subscribers. The success of the Bronto platform and triggered campaigns encouraged Everlast to add Coupon Manager, which distributes codes unique to each user to minimize the risk of coupon abuse. It also helps commerce marketers track and report on valuable metrics, such as redemption rate, average redemption time, and revenue and discount per coupon. “The great results we’ve seen with our campaigns far outweigh the cost of the app,” Zmora says.

Zmora now wants to move its cart abandonment messages and transactional messages into Bronto. “We want everything to be on the Bronto Marketing Platform.”

“Email is consistently the top driver, the top channel, on our marketing side. It’s a main focus for us,” Zmora says.

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