Not All Pop-Up Sign-Ups Are Created Equal

Not All Pop-Up Sign-Ups Are Created Equal


Increase subscriber base.

Personalize messages to drive in-store traffic.

Establish the right sending cadence.


Employ Pop-up Manager and text-to-join.

Segment by zip code.

Test subject lines, sending cadence and promotions.


Pop-up Manager and text-to-join bring in thousands of subscribers.

A/B testing, re-engagement campaigns and cart recovery promotion testing helped establish sending cadence.

Briana Mitchell can attest to the misery of an unreliable pop-up. “We used one that wasn’t firing quickly enough, and potential subscribers couldn’t tell if there was a promotion attached to it” says Mitchell, email & copywriting marketing manager at francesca’s.

Then francesca’s adopted Bronto’s Pop-Up Manager and customized a new pop-up. “We’ve had it live for two months, and we’ve acquired more new contacts than the prior form had given us in the past year.” Better yet, Mitchell can adjust the pop-up whenever she wants. “We just update the graphics to fit the season and the incentive we want to offer at any given time. And we can do testing with the incentive, something we couldn’t do before.”

Having a solid pop-up is just one reason Mitchell likes working with Bronto. Flexibility and reporting help francesca’s drive revenue and engage customers, whether they shop online or visit one of the merchant’s 600+ boutiques spread across the US.


Pop-up Manager led
to a 1,200%
increase in monthly
sign-ups versus the
previous pop-up.

Customer Engagement Across Channels

Francesca’s focuses on women’s clothing, with a large selection of unique gifts and cleverly curated accessories and jewelry that work well with every season’s styles. It’s a go-to retailer for putting an outfit together.

Mitchell says while email is one of the biggest contributors to revenue, the retailer also relies on it to increase customer engagement. “Sometimes it’s less about conversion and more about nurturing a relationship and keeping francesca’s top of mind,” says Mitchell. In addition, Mitchell also uses email to drive store traffic. However, she acknowledges, as with many retailers, obtaining exact measurements on that goal can be challenging.

But she can detail all the ways Bronto makes it easy to connect with the customer:

  • Text-to-join. Francesca’s has launched a text-to-join campaign using Bronto’s SMS feature to encourage shoppers to subscribe while in the store and reward them with a coupon while they are still shopping. In an early, slow rollout, the retailer acquired 570 new subscribers in 10 days.
  • Clever geolocation segmentation. The merchant makes the most of back-to- school tax-free holidays by segmenting subscribers by zip code. “We isolate people who had that tax break and send them a message. It’s worked really well for us in driving in-store and online traffic.”
  • Cart Recovery testing. “We’re currently testing cart recovery emails with and without incentives,” Mitchell says. She can also adjust the send time for the two-part cart recovery message series to find the optimal cadence after abandonment.

Seamless Integration With Kibo

Kibo is francesca’s ecommerce platform, and Mitchell is pleased with how well Bronto and Kibo work together. “The import and export process is really easy,” she says. Kibo helps merchants sort customers into pre-defined groups based on purchase behavior, and these sorted lists are easily and quickly imported into Bronto to fire segmented emails. In addition, it’s simple for francesca’s to work marketing content into transactional emails.

Direct subject lines, such as “Graduation Celebration is Here!”, are sometimes not as successful as something more creative and intriguing like “And So, The Adventure Begins.” “We’ve found our consumers react well when we are playful. If we are offering the same type of promotion week after week, we try to rebrand them to keep the momentum going.” The open rate increase from adding a little fun to subject lines compared to direct subject lines is in the high single-digits.

Re-Engagement and Cadence

Mitchell is always thinking about how often to contact customers to find that engagement sweet spot.

She built a re-engagement campaign as much to bring in revenue as to proactively clean the subscriber list. “It brought in a few thousand dollars, but more importantly, it encourages disengaged customers to unsubscribe.” Encourage unsubscribes? Yes. It helps the retailer maintain high deliverability rates with ISPs. “I see us running that campaign again and again.”

With segmenting made easy, Mitchell can create campaigns for gift and seasonal buyers, and she has experimented with developing different segments for subscribers at different levels of engagement. For the least engaged, an email will be sent no more than once a month, followed by those slightly more engaged with an email once a week. “The feeling of receiving too many emails is the biggest culprit for unsubscribes,” she says.

Quote mark

The pop-up we created and launched through Bronto led to a 1,200% increase in monthly sign-ups versus our old pop-up.”

Briana Mitchell,
Marketing Manager, francesca's

Carefully monitoring cadence is critical as well. “We are doing some withholding on certain groups to see how it affects our overall customer value. Is there is a day of the week that we can say, ‘This is the day we don’t send,’ and our assets from the rest of the week will carry us?”

Mitchell has many more email ideas to explore. She is working on a triggered message series around birthdays and customer anniversaries and can’t wait to explore the timing on text-to-join. “We want to figure out the perfect time to send the coupon code. We want it to be not too soon after they text so they’ll have more time in the boutique to browse, but not too late as to cause a bad user experience.”

About francesca’s

Our boutiques offer an eclectic mix of carefully-curated clothing, bright baubles, bold accessories, and playful gifts that are as fun to give as they are to receive. Boutiques reveal an array of new arrivals almost daily, so you’ll always discover something special and amazing on every visit. And because we are a boutique, we only carry a few of each item, so everything you find is uniquely yours. You can kiss seeing your outfit twin at the party goodbye!

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