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Popping the Cork on Revenue Growth

Popping the Cork on Revenue Growth


Engage with browsing shoppers.

Recover revenue from abandoned carts.

Sync information for ease in building segments.


Deploy Bronto's Browse Recovery app.

Use Bronto's Cart Recovery solution to target cart abandoners.

Integrate the NetSuite Connector by Bronto Software for data syncing.


Browse Recovery messages have a 48% open rate, 15% click-through rate and 9% conversion rate.

Cart Recovery messages generate a 50% open rate, 20% click-through rate and a conversion rate of 25%.

The NetSuite Connector saves hours of work each week.

Gaining insight into what customers are looking for is critical to IWA Wine Accessories (IWA) President Ben Argov. His company sells everything from corkscrews to custom wine cellars, and email helps keep customers engaged in a cost-effective way.

Since IWA started working with Bronto, the company has netted eight times the revenue attributed to email compared to its previous provider. The reason rests in the ability to personalize the messages with tactics, such as browse and cart recovery, and sync the information with catalog and call center data. IWA is starting to better understand when a corkscrew customer is a potential wine cellar buyer.

"Even the simplest marketing techniques are made easier in Bronto," says Argov, who ran into multiple problems with a previous commerce automation provider, ranging from difficulty sending automated cart abandonment messages to deliverability issues. "We want to get into the inbox and be relevant in our messaging."


IWA's email-derived
revenue is 8x times
higher than results with
its previous provider.

Cart Recovery, Pop-Up Manager and Browse Recovery Deliver

IWA hosts a design center on its website and works with customers who take upwards of a year to outfit a wine cellar. It owns multiple brands including Le Cache, CellarPro, WineKeeper and BILD. But it also sells everyday products and hopes to convert some of those purchasers into cellar buyers – and cellar buyers into regular purchasers of wine accessories.

IWA uses three Bronto apps to boost the effectiveness of those marketing plans:

  • Cart Recovery sends a series of triggered message after a customer carts an item without buying. It has an open rate of 50%, click-through rate of 20% and conversion rate of 25%.
  • Browse Recovery , which sends a triggered message when a customer browses online, has a 48% open rate, 15% click-through rate and 9% conversion rate.
  • Pop-Up Manager , which allows companies to create, test and manage pop-up sign-ups without engaging a developer, has helped IWA grow its list by about 3%.

Using NetSuite + Bronto Boosts IWA's Success

A key reason IWA chose Bronto is the connection to NetSuite's ecommerce platform, SuiteCommerce. Syncing customer data fields is much easier. "Before, all my segmentation was done on the NetSuite side and then we had to upload it to our email system. It was time-consuming. Now, the data from NetSuite is passed to the Bronto side automatically and segments are then created within Bronto. It saves hours of work. Instead of taking two steps forward we're covering two miles in the same amount of time," Argov says.

IWA can build segments based on purchase data, open rates and the date of the last purchase. "It was like we were in black and white and now we're in technicolor," Argov says. "It's unbelievable how much richer the landscape is."

Overall, it's much easier to segment customers, such as zip code segmentation for calculating shipping dates or cost data. "We can get so much more granular with customers and be way more effective in communicating with them," Argov says.

The ease of creating and deploying campaigns has allowed Website Content Specialist Alexa Chipman to try new things, many of which have met with great success. A 6% conversion on an e-gift certificate campaign just before the holidays was a big revenue driver, as was a content-oriented email in July that helped increase that month's email revenue 10x over the previous year.

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We want to get into the inbox and be relevant in our messaging. Instead of taking two steps forward we're covering two miles in the same amount of time.”

Ben Argov
President, IWA Wine Accessories

Understanding What the Customer Wants to Do Next

One of Argov's goals is to better understand when a customer is seriously interested in a high-ticket item so that email communications can be tuned to those interests and, where appropriate, a sales staff member can reach out. The Bronto + NetSuite connection allows Argov's team to figure out who these customers might be. IWA's goal is to track which recipients of its emails click on URLs sending them to items such as refrigeration or racking – the products associated with wine cellar design. Those click-throughs would be matched against a list of people who've emailed or phoned asking for more information. The list of matches gives the sales team a great reason to follow up.

"We've set up drip campaigns to help our salespeople work smarter and be more efficient. In the past, after the salesperson sent an email to the customer, they had to create a manual reminder to follow up. This way, the communication with customers comes from each salesperson and is automated, so that the salesperson can set it and forget it," Argov says.

Moving forward, one of IWA's key initiatives will be to encourage loyalty and repeat sales – getting customers to buy from IWA over and over. It's a nut he hasn't quite cracked, but he says he feels like he now has a tool to help him get there.

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