Email marketing drives online revenue for multichannel retailer

Email marketing drives online revenue for multichannel retailer


To easily send personalized emails and promote multiple brands with less manual work.


Using personalized emails along with pop-up, cart recovery and browse abandonment features.


Customer database nearly triples while online revenue increases more than 25%.

Sending personalized emails to subscribers was no easy task for JackRabbit. With 22 brands to promote, the running shoe retailer had to create 22 versions of the same email for each campaign, which took hours.

If one email needed adjustment, the 21 other emails needed to be manually changed as well – which took more hours.

JackRabbit was created out of a desire to provide personalized experiences to make living a fit lifestyle more fun. With 63 stores in 18 states, JackRabbit ensures each location caters to all runners by creating a community of running enthusiasts and offering unique experiences, local training programs and free fit analysis services focused on the feel, fit and function of running shoes.


JackRabbit improves
email personalization,
increasing ecommerce
revenue by 25%

But achieving their vision of “transforming movement into adventure” proved difficult when using their previous email marketing software. The lack of targeted email marketing capabilities meant JackRabbit wasn’t sure of whether their emails were reaching the right customers. Did an email promoting Nike also reach New Balance customers by mistake?

JackRabbit wanted to easily and efficiently send personalized emails connecting the online and in-store experiences while growing email subscribers and overall digital revenue.

From hours to minutes

JackRabbit began using the Bronto Marketing Platform with a bit of skepticism, given the difficulty of their previous email marketing software. But as they built their email templates, they quickly realized Bronto’s ease of use and efficiency.

“It was probably the most exciting moment, just realizing that we actually had a tool that was going to help us so much,” said Michael Rardon, JackRabbit’s Digital Marketing Manager.

Integrating Bronto with their Magento ecommerce platform and launching a cart and browse email recovery program was “a huge milestone” in helping to capture otherwise lost customers.

But the biggest day-to-day success was the ability to create personalized emails using dynamic content – which meant creating one email to promote 22 shoe brands instead of creating 22 separate emails. Making changes now takes minutes instead of hours.

Using dynamic email content along with segmentation also allows JackRabbit to send location-specific messages. With new shoe releases or local group runs and other activities, JackRabbit can send the same email to subscribers but change the nearest store location based on subscriber preferences.

“Being able to send individualized messages to customers of all of the different shoe brands we promote, as well as incorporating loyalty and other information in those emails, has really helped grow our email program and made our emails more personalized,” Rardon said.

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Being able to send individualized messages to customers of all of the different shoe brands we promote, as well as incorporating loyalty and other information in those emails, has really helped grow our email program and made our emails more personalized.”

Michael Rardon, Digital Marketing Manager, JackRabbit

Growing revenue and subscribers

JackRabbit saw online revenue growth in its first month after switching to Bronto. Overall ecommerce revenue has increased more than 25% year-over-year and continues growing every month.

Using a pop-up on their homepage and in-store tablets to acquire new subscribers have helped the company’s subscribers list nearly triple while reducing its customer acquisition cost by 10%.

JackRabbit’s email subscriber growth is also due to sending personalized emails based on individual customer lifecycles, which are defined by customer purchase patterns — from avid runners who buy five to six pairs of running shoes a year to the average runner who buys two to three pairs and understanding the brands they like.

“As our subscriber list continues to grow and there’s a bit more complexity to everything, it was a nice feeling to be proactive and ahead of any potential issues and had a strategy in place to help us succeed,” Rardon said.

Scaling to support business expansion

JackRabbit recently acquired Clever Training, an online retailer of fitness gear and technology, and saw “astronomical results” after adding them to Bronto, managing multiple brands with separate profiles under one subscription.

As a result, Clever Training’s email revenue has quadrupled every week, year-over-year.

“We’ve gone from sending one email a week and no triggered emails to four or five automated workflows and five or six emails a week,” Rardon said.

Having easy-to-use email marketing software that can execute targeted email marketing campaigns as business grows and becomes more complex has kept JackRabbit’s ecommerce revenue and customer subscriptions sprinting towards success.

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