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Vintage-inspired Fashion, Not Vintage Email Marketing Techniques

Vintage-inspired Fashion, Not Vintage Email Marketing Techniques


Support multi-channel growth.

Reduce the use of batch-and-blast emails.

Notify customers of new products and new stores.


Trigger emails to inform customers about new additions to the line.

Create geotargeted segments to alert customers of new stores.


Email is the greatest generator of traffic and sales for the website.

When she joined women's retailer JOHNNY WAS more than 2 1/2 years ago, Frederique Meijer knew a lot about retail, but she didn't know much about ecommerce. She had to learn quickly.

At that time, the retailer had only a handful of company stores showcasing its vintage-inspired clothing. Email was its highest single revenue-producing channel, but the approach was crude: send a daily email to everyone on the list.


17% conversion
on Cart Recovery

The company had switched to Bronto when Meijer arrived. "I just jumped in and taught myself." She's not only seen solid results, but has gradually convinced the marketing organization that less (email, that is) can actually produce more revenue. "We've shown that you can maintain, even increase, revenue without sending a daily message to everyone on the list."

Two years later, email is the greatest generator of traffic and sales to the 25-year-old Los Angeles- based company's website.

Cart Recovery Delivers Huge Results

Meijer has experimented with multiple approaches to segmenting customers and personalizing sends. By far, the biggest success has come from cart recovery. "Our cart recovery messages are opened at a rate of 59%, with 40% of customers clicking through and 17% converting.

"Our cart recovery emails account for about 2% of our email traffic, but 10.4% of our email- generated revenue. As email marketers, these are numbers you just dream about," says Meijer, the Ecommerce Marketing Manager.

The success was so solid, the company has decided to use Bronto's Cart Recovery app to make it faster and easier.

“Our cart recovery messages are opened at a rate of 59%, with 40% of customers clicking through and 17% converting.”

Meijer's experience with fashion photo production, a women's boutique and a global retail consulting firm have given her a range of expertise perfect for broadening the message of a fashion brand that appeals to women of all ages. Celebrities as varied as Kendall Jenner and Joely Fisher have been photographed in JOHNNY WAS designs. And Meijer's other email marketing campaigns speak to the different ways JOHNNY WAS is engaging its broad customer base:

Re-Engagement With a Twist

Meijer's first efforts at a re-engagement series didn't net much lift, but when the company added an XXL size to its offerings, she saw an opportunity. Sure enough, some of their disengaged audience were shoppers who stopped shopping because they couldn't find their size. The campaign brought in several thousand in revenue, but more importantly to Meijer, it gave a disengaged group of customers a reason to come back to JOHNNY WAS again and again.

Revenue-Boosting Transactional Messages

Meijer added a tile to order confirmation emails to highlight best-selling scarves. Sixty percent of recipients opened the tile, and the company netted nearly $50,000 in additional revenue.

Quote mark

Our cart recovery messages are opened at a rate of 59%, with 40% of customers clicking through and 17% converting.”

Frederique Meijer,
the Ecommerce Marketing Manager, JOHNNY WAS

A Win for Geolocation

When the retailer made plans to open a new store in Palm Beach, Meijer quickly segmented their list by zip code, inviting recipients within a 50-mile radius to the new store. Tracking the success of multichannel projects can be difficult, but Meijer heard back directly from the store management. As the first shopper was buying $2,000 worth of clothing, she told the store manager the email had alerted her to the opening.

“Layering in custom messages has been huge. It's just squeezing more revenue out of the existing list.”

Coordinating Social Media and Email

Rather than a generic social media buy, or even a buy that targets the entire email list, Meijer's next project is to take the disengaged customer list and load that into Facebook for ads that will showcase items related to the customer's most recent purchase.

Gaining Sophistication

Meijer sees her role as gradually moving the dial away from batch-and-blast to a more personalized approach that better reflects the needs of JOHNNY WAS customers. When she started, the marketing department was hesitant to stop sending a daily email to the entire list, so the switch to more segmented sending was gradual.

Their segments are now designed to reflect click-throughs and conversions, with more frequent shoppers still getting daily emails, while Meijer teases out what types of messages will resonate with the less engaged.

“Layering in custom messages has been huge. It's just squeezing more revenue out of the existing list,” Meijer says.

With an easy, flexible Magento ecommerce platform, Meijer can reshape the discussion. "Email has been a golden goose for us. For a while, every time we sent a message, more revenue would magically appear. But to grow, we need to think about this from a customer- centric point of view. What do they want to hear about? What will continue to make them loyal JOHNNY WAS shoppers?"

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Since its inception in 1987, JOHNNY WAS has been embraced by free-spirited and confident women
who are drawn to the brand's unique signature aesthetic: a juxtaposition between vintage and modern, reserved and unrestrained, traditional and innovative. Inspired by world cultures, the arts, and historical dressmaker techniques, the JOHNNY WAS brand transcends fashion trends with its beautifully crafted clothing and accessories. Embracing the quintessential California lifestyle, JOHNNY WAS appeals to the modern bohemian.

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