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Email Is the Foundation for a Personalised Marketing Plan

Email Is the Foundation for a Personalised Marketing Plan


Understand the potential of segments before building them.

Automate triggered messages.

Use a provider that makes it easy to manage email for four separate sites.


Workflows let staff see if a segment is worth building before deploying it.

Automation drives triggered messages for welcome series and post-purchase messages.

Coupon Manager allows for personalised discounts.


25% higher open rates, 138% higher click-through rates and 18% higher conversion rates on emails.

Email-generated revenue has grown 26% as a percentage of overall sales.

Saw results in the first five weeks.

When skincare brand Paula’s Choice Europe drew up a new email marketing plan, there was one major stumbling block. The company’s email service provider didn’t have the functionality Retention Manager Leonie Jonker needed to execute the plan. She couldn’t import order history, build segments, create triggered messages or do anything automated. “It was a lot of work, and I couldn’t do much more capacity-wise,” Jonker says.

Within five weeks of switching to Bronto, Paula’s Choice Europe was sending customers personalised messages that have helped increase email revenue. “For an email marketer, it’s like being a kid in a candy store,” Jonker says.


In the first six months,
email-generated revenue
grew 26% as a percent
of overall sales.

Finding the Right Match

The skincare company was launched in the US, and that division was already using Bronto. A further incentive to switch to Bronto’s commerce marketing automation platform is that it integrates well with the ecommerce platform Paula’s Choice Europe was using. “They were both established, proven relationships, and the fact that the US was already working with Bronto meant that we could learn from them and they could learn from us,” Jonker says.

At Paula’s Choice Europe, email marketing is considered the number one way to retain customers, whether they discover Paula’s Choice Europe through web search, press or word-of- mouth. Jonker and a small team are responsible for email marketing for four different sites in the Netherlands, Germany, UK and European Union. Manually segmenting and personalising emails for all those sites was impossible with the previous provider, which meant that every customer received the exact same message. “Now we can customise the content each customer receives,” Jonker says.

An Easy Decision and Integration

Just five weeks after entering Bronto’s launch programme, Paula’s Choice Europe was sending email. “The Bronto technicians worked very well with our technicians, so everything happened quite quickly,” Jonker says. “Our team was also very dedicated to implementing Bronto, creating messages and automating workflows. I couldn’t have done it on my own.”

Jonker was particularly excited to be able to finally pull in data from their order history to segment customers. She’s got seven years’ worth of data. One of the biggest issues Jonker had previously was not knowing how many customers would fall into a segment she was considering building. In the past, she would go through the laborious process of setting up segmented campaigns, only to find out just a handful of people from the list would be included. “Now we can do a calculation up front to see if we have enough people in the group to be effective. It saves a lot of unnecessary work and time that can be spent on creating a better campaign,” Jonker says.

Quote mark

The workflows are very intuitive and easy to work with.”

Leonie Jonker,
Retention Manager, PAULA'S CHOICE

A Move to Automated Workflows

A critical need for Paula’s Choice Europe was automated workflows to allow campaigns to be created quickly, easily and effectively. “The workflows are very intuitive and easy to work with. I show colleagues who don’t work with email marketing on a daily basis, and they can understand what it’s like to use,” she says.

Paula’s Choice Europe has already set up a number of automated workflows, resulting in more targeted messages sent to customers. Birthday and welcome emails were previously restricted to one message but are now part of a series that, along with Bronto’s Coupon Manager app, includes personalised discounts.

And the results are positive: The welcome series is bringing in nearly triple the revenue per email of generic messages. The abandoned cart and birthday campaigns are also garnering higher per email revenue. With Bronto, email is now delivering 25% higher open rates, 138% higher click-through rates and 18% higher conversion rates. As a percent of overall sales, email- generated revenue has grown 26% in the last six months compared to July-Dec 2015.

The Launch of New Campaigns

One of the most critical segmenting victories for Jonker is the creation of automated follow-up campaigns for customers taking advantage of the company’s trial-size products, a significant part of its business. “That segmentation was important to us, since we have a lot of customers with trial orders and want to convert them to full-size products,” Jonker says. “We were never able to do that before.”

Future Campaigns Around Specific Groups

Future campaigns will be centred further around retention. “We are thinking about dividing our customer base and creating campaigns for specific groups for the purpose of retention, based on frequency and recency criteria, for example we are still exploring our data to see what we actually know about our customers,” Jonker says.

A key goal moving forward is to take educational information from the site and use it in segmented emails. “This way, we can be more relevant for our customers.”

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