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Putting A New Face on Email Marketing

Putting A New Face on Email Marketing


Easily build and manage multiple campaigns.

Create triggered campaigns.

Keep new customers engaged through integrated social, SMS and email marketing.


Deploy personalized post-purchase messages.

Perform A/B testing to set optimal send times.

Adopt Coupon Manager to provide unique promotional codes.


The email channel has grown over 200%.

Traffic to the website is up.

Customer engagement has increased.

Tarte Cosmetics takes a nimble approach to marketing its natural, trendy makeup. Strong buzz on social around an eye color palette? Tarte’s Digital Marketing Director Stephanie Urban will work it into an email.

It’s important for Urban that she can quickly segment and build triggered campaigns to capture the most relevant audience for each message. “We were on an older platform that was pretty antiquated and made it difficult to manage segments. Now within Bronto, I can manage workflows and campaigns more seamlessly.”

And it’s having quite an impact: “In the past year, our email channel has grown over 200%. We’ve seen significant lifts in engagement, traffic and revenue,” Urban says.


Email channel has grown over 200%

Triggering Campaigns

Tarte is having success with a triggered welcome series and birthday campaign. Segmented emails also pump up the revenue. “Even if we are having a site-wide sale, we might send a shopper an email about mascara because we know she bought that in the past. She’s much more likely to open if you’re speaking to her directly rather than just bulk-mailing promotional information.”

Urban also uses post-purchase messaging to measure the success of campaigns and engage new buyers. “We send a follow-up message asking if the customer enjoyed their new product and cross-selling other relevant products. That drives significantly higher open and click-through rates,” Urban said. For her, the campaign effectiveness was a strong indicator that they had been able to keep new clients engaged with the brand by serving a relevant message.

In order to personalize the email acquisition experience for Tarte users, Urban ran a campaign for “hot” items that had been sold out but were coming back in stock. Tarte leveraged the website product page to capture interested clients’ email addresses and then sent new subscribers a notification once the item was back in stock. After a year of running triggered campaigns the results are solid: Triggered emails make 5% of email volume but account for 28% of channel revenue.

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We’ve been testing send times in Bronto and looking at open rates at different times of the day.”

Stephanie Urban,
Digital Marketing Director, Tarte Cosmetics

Cross-Channel Marketing

Urban also believes that email must tie back to social. “Millennials are just so fast on their phones, opening multiple apps at the same time and constantly browsing through social. They might see our subject line while scrolling through their inbox, but aren’t deciding to visit until we’ve grabbed their attention on Instagram or SnapChat. Our direct traffic is up significantly, and we attribute some of that to social, so we carefully align our email messaging and timing with our social team.”

When Tarte launched a new product line with YouTube fashion vlogger Grav3yardgirl, they saw the impact of social driving new customers and subscribers. “During that campaign, a majority of the new customers were in a younger demographic than our typical audience. We wanted to make sure we kept them engaged, so we sent a post-purchase message tailored around what they bought. The campaign had much stronger response rates than average editorial messages,” said Urban.

Making Small Improvements

Tarte believes in A/B testing to continuously learn and optimize. One of their tests includes testing into the time of day that the brand should send email. “We’ve been testing send times in Bronto and looking at open rates at different times of the day,” Urban said, adding, “I like that the data is available in Bronto.” Based on the test outcomes, the Tarte team has been able to optimize send times for different campaign types and drive incremental traffic.

Urban recently began using Bronto SMS capabilities (replacing an existing SMS vendor) so that she can see aggregate data between channels and create multi-channel messaging. “We plan the workflow to make sure we’re sending messages that are relevant but not repetitive between the email welcome flow and the text welcome flow.”

And by adding Coupon Manager, Urban plans to manage unique codes for emails, such as birthday promotions. She is looking at crafting a post-purchase message that serves as a refill reminder, and she is incorporating Bronto’s Predictor tool for recommendations. “Everything we’re doing going forward will focus on expanding segmentation and triggers. Our next step is to build personalized triggers with product recommendations based on past purchases.”

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