TTI Floor Care

Flooring Customers With Relevant, Personal Emails

Flooring Customers With Relevant, Personal Emails


Connect with customers using relevant emails.

Increase customer engagement and conversions.


Increased personalization to improve segments.

Used Browse Recovery and Cart Recovery triggered messages.


Triggered message open rates increased by 15%.

Browse Recovery emails convert at a rate 60% higher than promotional emails.

As a football fan, TTI's Digital Marketing Email Manager James Brown likes to think of his email marketing strategy as a set of plays. But with his previous provider, he kept getting blocked. With Bronto, Brown has a tool that helps him orchestrate a winning strategy. Email-generated revenue has more than doubled year-over-year since TTI made the switch.

TTI is the floor care company behind the brands Dirt Devil, Hoover and Oreck. Brown is responsible for the email marketing strategy for each brand, which includes managing workflows, creating the designs and setting up campaigns. While he gets help from a team, he needed a product that was easier to use.

"When I started with Bronto, it was like night and day," he said. "With our previous provider, we had limited flexibility in crafting campaigns and designing emails." Brown says he can work with the digital marketing, ecommerce and brand groups to develop distinctly different strategies for each brand.


Email-generated revenue
has more than doubled
year-over-year since
TTI switched to Bronto.

Getting Customers off the Fence

By using a variety of triggered messages and automated workflows, Brown has increased customer engagement and conversions. Two Bronto apps have played a significant role in igniting those conversions. Browse Recovery and Cart Recovery triggered messages have consistently outperformed standard promotional emails.

"I'm in love with the Browse Recovery app," Brown says. "It captures customers on the edge of purchasing and helps them to cross that line." The open rate for a Browse Recovery email sent to an Oreck shopper is 150% higher than standard emails, and the conversion rate is 60% higher.

The Cart Recovery emails have also been a big success. "We were sending cart recovery emails with our old provider but it wasn't as efficient. We now have flexibility to choose the time messages go out and how many are sent. We can also track how effective it is.'' Conversion rates are solidly above standard promotional email conversion rates – from three to four times higher depending on the brand. Helping make Cart Recovery even more successful, Brown can add a uniquely generated promotion code using Coupon Manager. That frees him from worries the code will end up on promotional code sharing websites.

Learning More About the Customer

A key component of Brown's long-term strategy is a triggered welcome series, which introduces customers to the brand and doubles as an opportunity to gather information that lets him segment emails based on the type of floors a customer has, whether they have pets and which TTI product they use. Brown uses the data collected to optimize the experience for the consumer. Open rates are consistently higher than with the standard promotional emails – ranging from 15% to as high as 41% depending on the brand.

"The goal is not only to get the customer into the database but to get as much information as possible about them so we can send messages that are relevant," Brown says.

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The Cart Recovery emails have been a big success. Conversion rates are three to four times higher than standard promotional emails.”

James Brown,
Digital Marketing Email Manager, TTI Floor Care

Newfound Confidence

One of the biggest issues Brown dealt with before switching platforms is that he never felt confident in the accuracy of opens, click-throughs, conversions and revenue. "I wanted to be on a platform where I could stand behind the numbers and be confident in communicating the results to my company."

Being able to trust the numbers he's seeing is just one of the many advantages Brown has gained from the move. "We want to get the information so we can cater the right message at the right time to the right customer."

He can also make sure the email looks right by using the Previewer feature that shows how emails render on mobile versus desktop. For the Dirt Devil brand, he uses segmentation with dynamic messaging to automatically pull the correct replacement bag image into the emails based on the product the customer has purchased. "I've got four different dynamic markets in that one workflow."

Brown has also created workflows to trigger messages around product accessories and warranties, as well as timely reminder emails when a bag or filter for a specific vacuum should be replaced.

Browse Recovery. Cart Recovery. Options to segment and trigger different kinds of messages. It all adds up to the ability to deliver messages that engage customers, not aggravate them. "You definitely want to be relevant to the customer," Brown said. "That's what I get excited about – when I see that we're actually connecting with the customers. Bronto is definitely in a league of its own."

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