Create, test and send messages across multiple channels from a single platform.

Email Marketing Platform


Create, test and send messages across multiple channels from a single platform.


With easy-to-use tools and advanced features, creating engagements across email, web, SMS and social has never been easier. Mobile optimized email templates make it fast and easy to create messages. Email testing tools ensure messages are optimized for success, while our deliverability expertise gets them to the inbox. Use pop-ups and discount codes to aid with any conversion goals.


Our Templates, Or Yours

Create beautiful, engaging emails from dozens of Bronto mobile-optimized templates. Or design and build your own templates. Our drag-and-drop editor makes message creation and editing easy.

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Put Your Emails to The Test

Preview your messages on more than 30 email clients to ensure consistent display and use the built-in email spam checker to make sure your messages don’t get lost. A/B testing lets you test your messages and pick a winner.

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Testing Tools

Get Your Emails to the Inbox

Your reputation is on the line with every email you send. With our deliverability monitoring, reporting, and expertise, you’ll have the tools needed to monitor and improve your email deliverability performance.

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“If you look at where we were pre-Bronto and where we are now, the upward arc of revenue is amazing. We have a high level of confidence that the email drives people to the store because they’re asking for and buying products that are featured in the email.”


Pop-Ups that Convert

Design and deploy mobile-friendly pop-up messages, no coding required. Build pop-ups for every type of visitor and conversion goal: whether to acquire subscribers, collect shopper preferences, or offer discounts on sign up or site abandonment.

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Add Discount Codes to Your Messages

Offer an incentive to help with sign-ups and closing sales. Our coupon generator tool can easily manage integrating unique coupon codes into your pop-ups, email messages, and forms. Gain insights into redemption metrics and revenue per coupon.

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Coupon Manager

Engage with Text Messages

Our integrated SMS capabilities make adding this new channel simple. Just add SMS to any existing automation program and track performance in real-time.

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Create Brand Advocates With Email

Learn how email marketing can help address the top challenges faced today in the fashion industry, including growing brand loyalty, reducing return rates and providing hyper-personalized engagements.

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