Email Templates


Email templates are the framework for your messages. The Bronto Message Editor lets you add content and create beautiful emails without the need for a developer or designer. Don’t want to build your own email templates? No problem. Bronto comes with professionally designed, responsive email templates so you can get up and running as fast as possible.

Email Templates


Create beautiful, personalized, and responsive emails in a variety of ways. Use one of our prebuilt templates as is or as a starting point and customize it. Or design your own template from scratch. Then, bring your emails to life with our drag-and-drop tools that make it fast and easy to add content, images and video, links, and calls to action – no developers required.

Mobile Optimized

Whether you build a template from scratch or use one of our prebuilt templates, every email is responsive, adapting the layout and style of the message to any screen size.

Mobile Optimized

“Bronto’s just a really user-friendly platform that offers a lot of opportunity, and because we’re a global business, it allows us to manage the global platform and campaign seamlessly. We saw instant success in terms of revenue generation. It’s so simple, yet so effective.”

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Make your content more relevant by including details specific to each recipient. Whether it’s first name, location, items purchased, product information or any other relevant detail, easily add that information to your messages with dynamic content blocks. You can even personalize emails with dynamic content that are part of automated messages.

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