Abandoned Cart Emails


Identify shoppers who abandon carts on your site and automate the delivery of personalized emails that reengage and convert. Dynamically insert cart information into messages, track detailed cart activity and gather insights such as recoverable carts and revenue.

Automated and Personalized

Automated and Personalized

Easily set up automation workflows with drag-and-drop tools to trigger a personalized message or message series – without the need for a developer. Cart information is dynamically inserted into messages. You set the rules on message frequency and delivery times using criteria such as cart contents and checkout progress.

Kick Your Abandoned Cart Emails Up a Notch

Cart recovery emails are more than just a reminder of what you left in your cart: They present opportunities to offer incentives and cross-sell. Enhance your email content with personalized product recommendations based on the products browsed, carted and purchased by the individual consumer, making each email communication extremely relevant.

Kick Your Abandoned Cart Emails Up a Notch

“Within a month of switching to Bronto, we saw a 51% open rate from automated cart recovery emails. We can see patterns, understand who hasn’t purchased from us and figure out how to convert them into customers.”

Fast and Accurate

Real-Time Data Capture

Cart activity on your website is registered every 30 seconds, which means you know — to the minute — if carts are active, inactive or truly abandoned. You can then respond with a mobile-friendly cart recovery message to draw shoppers back to their cart at whatever frequency and timing.

Reporting and Analytics
Reporting and Analytics

Track cart activity and abandoned cart email campaigns. Reporting dashboards enable you to create custom snapshots of your marketing performance. Slice and dice your data and drill down into audience segments, campaign engagement, user trends, or device information, all from one UI.

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