Partner Integrations
Email Aptitude

Email Aptitude (EA) is a leading email strategy and management firm focusing on strategic services, full-service email management, and competitive email intelligence technology.

Archetype IQ

The Archetype IQ™ prebuilt integration for Bronto provides powerful retargeting based on website activity. Easily create targeted “window shopping” trigger campaigns based on URL, page visit count, and more for granular email triggers at the product or category level.

EA Pro Reports

The EA Pro Reports™ prebuilt integration for Bronto gives marketers access to enhanced reporting capabilities so they can immediately improve their email marketing efforts.

Journey Tracker

The Journey Tracker prebuilt integration for Bronto allows email marketers to attribute revenue to a specific email regardless of whether a subscriber clicks through or not, even if they engage on one device but later convert on a different device.

EA Rainmaker

Covering every zip code in the U.S. and Canada in real time, the prebuilt integration with Bronto allows marketers to create triggered email campaigns for virtually any current or forecasted weather condition.

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