Partner Integrations

LeadsBridge is the easiest way to connect Bronto with Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Facebook lead ads sync

Sync Facebook Lead Ads in real-time with Bronto, start your funnel as leads come in and reach them with the perfect timing.

Facebook custom audiences sync for retargeting campaigns

LeadsBridge allows you to get the best out of your campaigns on Facebook with custom audience sync. Keep synced segments of contacts on Bronto with custom audiences on Facebook to retarget, upsell or exclude them from your campaigns. Show the most relevant ad to the people you’re targeting. LeadsBridge will act like a mirror, keeping the audiences constantly updated for evergreen retargeting campaigns.

Facebook offline conversions sync

Fill the gap between offline and online. Finally, track all type of conversions and calculate online campaigns ROI. With LeadsBridge you can push back actual transactions data and match them with Facebook to track offline conversions generated by online campaigns.

Google customer match

Keep synced Bronto with Google ads, to optimize your AdWords campaigns and remarket specific segments of contacts on Gmail and on YouTube.

How to integrate Bronto with LeadsBridge
Connect Facebook Lead ads to Bronto with LeadsBridge

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