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VL Omni

Accelerate growth with VL OMNI, your trusted integration platform for real-time, agile and scalable SaaS data integration. VL OMNI’s integrations work by strategically connecting applications together, normalizing the data between them, and applying customers’ business rules to the data transformation. Integrate with countless applications such as ERP systems, warehouse management or email marketing platforms such as Bronto. Track your data from all sources in a single platform.

VL OMNI is an agile point to multi-channel data integration service.  Over 200 businesses trust VL OMNI to move data seamlessly through their infrastructure as they grow, expand, and accelerate their business.

Integrate the Bronto Marketing Platform into your in-house applications with this fully elastic and scalable prebuilt connector. Move data in real time from a single point to one or many, apply business rules directly to data as it moves, and more.

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