Harness the Power of Your Customer Stories

Companies need to be authentic, relatable, and showcase their shared values to win customers in today’s community-driven economy. At Pixlee, we’ve found the best way to do this is use their customers’ stories more effectively. We help companies find the right content, use it with the right audience, and in the right channels - at a scale that transforms companies into community-driven brands. We make using customer stories easy with an AI-driven solution that helps you find compelling content, make it shoppable, and deploy it to the channels where it impacts your customers most.

Increase Brand Engagement and Loyalty

With Pixlee, you can use content from your happy customers to build your brand and keep your customers engaged and buying again and again. Pixlee’s Bronto integration allows you to seamlessly integrate customer content in any email, helping your customers to discover new products, or generate even more excitement post-purchase. Pixlee also makes it easy to find customer posts on social, respond, and repost to build relationships and strengthen brand loyalty.

Tarte Case Study

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