Partner Integrations

The Tadpull Pond Software enhances eCommerce performance by connecting the right customer with the right product at the right time. It extends Bronto by pulling together ERP and website analytics with predictive data science to surface insights that increase profit and target the right audience.

The Tadpull Pond provides a framework to plan and execute sophisticated digital marketing campaigns off the company’s most valuable asset - its data. With the Pond Software, eCommerce teams can build a 360’ view of the customer’s journey, capture customer satisfaction, and leverage the power of artificial intelligence to optimize and/or automate paid online ads, email, SEO and social platforms to reach that customer.

Decision makers and the C-Suite receive performance reports right in their inboxes, and marketers have a simple views with recommended actions that helps enhance your eCommerce performance and issues real-time alerts when things are off track. Used globally by clients and built for modern mid-market businesses looking to scale direct-to-consumer channels profitably.

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