Complete Commerce Marketing Automation

Highly targeted. Highly personalized. Highly relevant for the consumer.


Create And Automate Emails Throughout The Customer Journey.

  • Pop-up and ribbon signup.
  • E-receipts, order and shipping confirmation emails.
  • Text-to-join.
  • Welcome email series.
  • Social media integration.
  • Customizable web forms.
  • Automated welcome series and drip/waterfall campaigns.
  • Triggered lifecycle messaging.
  • Email preference center.
  • Advanced segmentation.
  • Dynamic subject lines and content.
  • Personalized product recommendations.
  • Mobile responsive messaging.
  • Browse abandonment emails.
  • SMS messaging.
  • Abandoned cart emails.
  • Dynamic coupons.
  • Re-engagement campaigns.


Use customer and third-party data to create highly personalized messages.

Create precise segments using multiple criteria and rules.
  • Demographic and location data.
  • Purchase and shopping behavior.
  • Average order value (AOV).
  • Email open, click and conversion rates.
  • Trending products.
  • Device preference.
  • Recency and frequency.
Send browse and cart abandonment emails.
  • Capture real-time browse and cart data.
  • Tie shopper behavior to individual contacts.
  • Send targeted messages to recover lost revenue.
  • Dynamically insert order, cart and product recommendations.
  • Track cart abandonment rates, recovery percentages and recoverable revenue.
Automate personalized product recommendations.
  • Import product catalog data.
  • Build customized lists of relevant product recommendations.
  • Pair business rules with predictive modeling.
  • Automate the inclusion of product data in daily or weekly promotions.
  • Automate recommendations based on shopper behavior.


Employ sophisticated automation with drag-and-drop simplicity.

  • Drag and drop and copy and paste components.
  • Trigger lifecycle messages.
  • Use a template or create a custom workflow.
  • Automate multiple campaigns in a single workflow.
  • View reports on all aspects of the workflow.
Automation applications
  • Import browse, cart and order data from NetSuite, Magento, Shopify and other commerce platforms.
  • Generate and track unique coupon codes.
  • Design and trigger mobile-ready pop-ups and dynamic ribbons.
  • Deliver targeted campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
Campaign management
  • Map email campaigns to broader marketing campaigns.
  • Real-time display of campaign-level metrics.
  • Campaign-level segmentation for email criteria.
  • Dedicated REST APIs for creation, editing and management.
  • Behavioral segmentation within one or multiple campaigns.


Get fast link- and device-level insights with an intuitive UI.

  • Over 30 key metrics for hundreds of combinations.
  • Compare multiple metrics in the same report.
  • Powerful date-range and time-series visualization.
  • Multi-currency filtering: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD.
A/B split testing
  • Test content, imagery, subject lines and From and Address lines.
  • A/B-winner and Champion/Challenger splits.
  • Do side-by-side comparisons of the deliveries in an A/B split test.
  • Deep reporting, including device-level.
  • Fully responsive, intuitive user interface.
  • Device- and link-level reporting.
  • Industry-leading heat maps.
  • Export performance reports.
  • Automate report export and delivery.
  • Account-level rollup of your email-based metrics.

Ecommerce platform
  • Access pre-built integrations with NetSuite, Magento and Shopify.
  • Import or exchange contact data.
  • Transactions: orders, returns, exchanges.
  • Triggered transactional messages.
  • Coupon redemption statistics.
  • Browse and cart behavior.
  • Inventory status.
Mobile and social integration
  • Send scheduled and transactional SMS messages.
  • Integrate multiple social accounts.
  • Create lookalike audiences and import demographic data from Facebook.
  • Schedule or directly post to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Allow shoppers to login using Facebook credentials.
  • Reduce friction with social sign-on.
  • Advanced reporting and automation capabilities.
Partner integrations
  • Ratings and reviews.
  • Weather, location and demographic data.
  • Rewards and loyalty points.
  • Google Analytics and web analytics data.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  • Order management and POS systems.

Bronto integrates with virtually all ecommerce platforms, including custom builds.

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