Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that offers speedy implementation, standardized APIs and unlimited staff accounts to high-volume and fast-growing merchants.

Featured Shopify Plus and Bronto Customers

Friendly Technical Support

The Shopify Plus Connector is developed by Bronto engineers and supported by our team of friendly technical experts.

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Customers Love Shopify Plus and Bronto

“Bronto has played a pivotal role in our digital growth, and its easy integration with Shopify is an added bonus.”

Shaiyanne Dar,
Ecommerce Manager

“The integration was straightforward, one of the easier integrations we have handled with Shopify Plus. We are able to accomplish everything we wanted to.”

Sam Anacker,
Webmaster Read The Story

“As a lean company, we rely heavily on platforms such as Bronto and Shopify Plus. Their intuitive systems and integrations help free up time so we can focus on what’s important – building the brand.”

Blake Pinsker,
Director, Brand & Retention Marketing

Why Shopify Plus and Bronto?

This winning combo helps you turn one-time buyers into repeat customers with personal, data-driven messages and campaigns.

Powerful Data Integration

Provides a best-in-class integrated solution for generating revenue with targeted email and cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Data-Driven Results

Analyze metrics such as average order value, last order total and total revenue.

Advanced Marketing Tactics

Deliver high-value, targeted marketing campaigns, such as cart abandonment, VIP and loyalty programs and post-purchase series.