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Personalised Messages Score 66% Increase in Email-Generated Revenue

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The Goal

  • Revitalise email as a marketing channel.
  • Improve email relevance.
  • Strengthen the brand.

The Approach

  • Resolve deliverability issues.
  • Adopt branded transactional messages.
  • Segment customers for personalised messaging.

The Result

  • Deliverability and click-through rates are up, and personalised campaigns are delivering revenue.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience – that’s according to a Direct Marketing Association report. They found that ROI from email rose from £24.93 in 2014 to £38 in 2015. [1] But that ROI only becomes a reality if your emails are relevant to your audience and consistently make their way into the inbox, problems Björn Borg hoped to solve by working with Vaimo and Bronto Software.

Like most modern companies, Björn Borg’s business spans multiple channels and uses a variety of messaging strategies. At Björn Borg, those messages were largely based on discounting. The company wanted to unify the brand under one umbrella to improve sell through and become the number one sports fashion brand. “We believe the way to reach our goal is to engage our customers with more personalised communications that are more focused on being a part of the Björn Bjorg tribe,” says Noelia Guinón, ecommerce manager at Björn Borg.

“We only get a person’s attention for a very short time, so we need to deliver a message they feel is directed at them personally,” she says. Björn Borg sends nearly 20 million marketing messages a year to their 200,000 subscribers across 12 markets. Creating more relevant email messages would require better use of their customer data – a challenge that couldn’t be handled by their existing email marketing platform. “We needed a powerful tool to fulfil our focus on engagement, interaction and personalisation, and after lengthy research, we chose Bronto,” says Guinón. “The easy-to-use workflows were one of the strongest features that influenced our decision.”

By integrating Bronto’s email marketing platform with their Magento Commerce ecommerce platform, Björn Borg was able to import three types of data into their email marketing platform to enhance their emails – basic address and customer information, product data and images, and order history details.

In addition to functionality that would allow them to create more relevant, personalised emails, the company was also in need of reliable email deliverability. “The primary objective was to invest in a platform with rock-solid deliverability. Previously, we encountered a variety of issues, including a high bounce rate that hurt our delivery rate. As a result, the channel had been rapidly declining – both in terms of growth and revenue,” says Guinón.

“We’ve seen a 66% increase in email-generated revenue, thanks to the more personalised and relevant approach we can now deliver.”

The project first launched in May 2015 in partnership with Magento solution provider Vaimo who helps Björn Borg with the execution of their email marketing. “In only six months, we’ve seen impressive results,” she says. “Our newsletter deliverability rate is up by 75%, click rates are up 83%, and we’ve seen a 66% increase in email-generated revenue, thanks to the more personalised and relevant approach we can now deliver.”

Delivering a Consistent Brand Experience

In addition to revamping their marketing emails, Björn Borg reinvented their transactional emails– improving brand recognition and affinity in the process. “We know these emails are the most opened ones, so why not use them to establish a better brand experience? By switching to Bronto to send our transactional emails, we were able to deliver messages with a spot-on brand feeling. Our customers instantly recognise our order confirmations, building our brand awareness even further,” Guinón says.

We can now send fully branded order confirmations that our customers instantly recognise as an email from Björn Borg.

To encourage new customers, the company has also introduced an email welcome series, and the results have been astounding. “The performance of the welcome series exceeds our standard marketing emails by far. The click rate is 232% higher, conversion is up 21% and the revenue from the welcome series is up by 217%, so we know that it’s working,” she says.

Looking to a Strong Future

With such strong initial results, it’s little surprise that Björn Borg is powering ahead with further developments using the Bronto platform. “We now have brand alignment across all types of emails – marketing, transactional and automated – and it’s clearly increasing our sales,” says Guinón.

Three more campaigns, focusing on basket abandonment, post-purchase outreach and product recommendations, are already in the pipeline. “We are building a premium brand, so we want to be smart in our email messaging strategy,” she says.

“If you want to move away from mass marketing and get more personal, email marketing is an incredibly effective channel,” Guinón continues. And the results Björn Borg has achieved show just how powerful it can be.

About Björn Borg

Founded by the tennis legend of the same name, fashion underwear and sports apparel brand Björn Borg is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and distributed in around 30 markets worldwide. Initially established in the early 1990s, the company quickly became the leading fashion underwear business in the Nordics and Benelux and successfully relaunched as a premium sports fashion brand in 2015.

[1] National Client Email Report 2015