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The Goal

  • Grow revenue with transactional messaging.

The Approach

  • Use the Demandware Connector to pull transactional data into email messages.
  • Upgrade the look and feel of transactional messages.
  • Make sure it is easy for customers to segue from the message to Boot Barn’s website.

The Result

  • Transactional messages align with the brand’s style.

Boot Barn and Bronto have really hit their stride. Within a nine-month period, Boot Barn produced 34% more email-generated revenue than it did in the 12 months before signing with Bronto.

Now Boot Barn is ready to kick things up a notch with the help of the Bronto integration for the Demandware Commerce Cloud.

This new integration, called the Demandware Connector, was developed in-house by a dedicated team of Bronto engineers. This makes for a quicker, more reliable customer service and support experience and will allow for fast, ongoing enhancements. No third party is involved; enhancements are made directly and questions are answered immediately.

It also means the Demandware Connector delivers the same easy, intuitive user experience that the Bronto Marketing Platform (BMP) has always provided. All connector interactions happen within the BMP. When sending transactional emails, that ease of use was immediately apparent to Boot Barn.

The Demandware Connector exports order information from Boot Barn’s e-commerce platform to the Bronto Marketing Platform, where transactional messages such as the order confirmation are now sent. Sending from the BMP allowed Boot Barn to significantly upgrade the look and feel of these important messages.

Boot Barn eCommerce Marketing Manager Lisa Mann described the appearance of their pre-Connector transactional messages as “very bare bones” and “mimicking” the look of the online shopping cart. With help from a Bronto strategist, Boot Barn now creates transactional messages that are better aligned with the style and appearance of their other marketing messages, giving customers a consistent visual brand experience.

“Simply put, these transactional messages look better. The format is a lot cleaner. The fonts are all the same size. The header looks like our header on the website,’ Mann said. ‘It has navigation now at the top so they can continue shopping easier if they choose to come back and buy ’”

Because the transactional messages are now sent out through the BMP, engagement data such as opens, clicks and conversions can now be tracked – another valuable Demandware Connector feature.

“We now have a baseline and can continue looking at our transactional messaging to find out what we can tweak, what info we can add to increase that click rate or to get that repeat buyer,” Mann said.

“Before we were kind of blind to that.”

Boot Barn’s ability to make adjustments, send more sophisticated transactional messages and analyze resulting performance trends was greatly enhanced by the Demandware Connector.

“It is absolutely easier to make changes,” Mann said. “In the past, we had to go into each database or sometimes get our developer involved to make changes. It just wasn’t very fluid at all.

“Now we have total control over our transactional messages. We can make them look amazing. We can place test orders easily and see those messages immediately. It’s definitely a much easier process.”

Boot Barn’s transactional message program will include continued consultation with a Bronto strategist. Boot Barn relied on that expertise when creating the most recent version of their transactional messages, getting input from Bronto on “how to optimize the design and how we can drive attention to key information in the emails,” according to Mann.

With the transactional emails now live, Boot Barn has plenty of future projects to pursue. They plan to launch a post-purchase series that will include product care and re-order messages.

An enhanced four-part welcome series is also in the works, as are plans to implement Bronto’s Cart Recovery app, which will allow Boot Barn to begin converting abandoned shopping carts into sales.

Transactional messages will also get a key upgrade with the inclusion of product recommendations.

“Now that we have the ability to put recommendations on all transactional emails, I expect metrics are going to go up,” Mann said. “That will be exciting to see.”