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Dressed for Success With Targeted Commerce Marketing

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The Goal

  • Use email to grow online business.
  • Trigger unique messages based on past purchases.

The Approach

  • Create a three-part welcome series.
  • Trigger re-engagement campaigns based on conversions.
  • Segment messages based on order history.

The Result

  • Dramatic increases in list growth and email-generated revenue.

When you’re new to ecommerce, building a client database is the first task. Once you get that on track, you can dig into the nitty gritty of segmentation and personalisation – and that’s where the real rewards come in. When Closet implemented a personalised email strategy, they converted messages to sales 50 times more than when they started.

The established wholesale and concessions womenswear brand decided to diversify into online three years ago. With help from ecommerce agency One Creations, Closet built its email marketing strategy. In the early days, a full-fledged email marketing tool wasn’t required. “We just went with an entry-level platform and started collecting email addresses. As the list grew, we sent regular emails to all customers. But when you do that you get a very low conversion rate,” says Lucy Fernandez, ecommerce executive at Closet.

Changing Needs as Ecommerce Grows

Closet knew it could do more with its subscriber database. “We realised we could harness much higher levels of revenue and conversion by using segmentation and automation,” says Fernandez.

The Bronto Marketing Platform was an obvious choice for Closet. “When compared to other platforms, Bronto is ahead of its time,” says Fernandez. “The drag and drop email editor is very easy to use, which was important for us as a small team. We also liked the scalability of the platform. We don’t want our further growth to be bound by technology limitations,” she says.

A Better Welcome Than Ever

The integration of the new email platform with the Magento ecommerce platform has helped Closet tightly target its messaging to customers – whether that’s more blogger type content to repeat customers or bestseller lists to one-time shoppers.

Initial focus was on expanding the welcome email into a series. “Previously we had sent a thank you email with a 10% off code to customers who signed up to the newsletter,” says Fernandez.

“Being able to personalise and target our customers’ preferences will keep them coming back.”

“Now, new subscribers get a second email introducing them to our social channel, and then a third showcasing our signature styles. If they still don’t convert, we send them a reminder.” The welcome series has success rates that speak for themselves. “The conversion rate is 35 times higher than the previous welcome email and revenue is up 2900%,” she says.

Segmenting to Personalise

Closet also divided the database into a number of segments – including one-time, repeat, loyal, at-risk and dormant customers.

“We created automated workflows for all segments. Now, as soon as a customer drops into the ‘at-risk’ category, we send her an email update of the latest collection. If after 14 days she hasn’t converted, we send her a 15% discount and invite her to make another purchase,” says Fernandez. “We have also started to create segments for people who have bought specific types of clothing – for example sending an email to customers who had bought body con style dresses recently,” says Fernandez.

Targeting with What the Shopper Wants

The ability to segment the database has not only helped retain loyal spenders, it has enabled Closet to learn much more about its customers and how they interact with the brand.

“We were able to recoup the contract costs within just four months.”

“By segmenting customers and tailoring the content we get a much higher conversion rate. We increased our list size two and half times and conversions are 50 times higher,” says Fernandez. “We were also able to recoup the contract costs within just four months.”

“For our customer base, tailored content is akin to having their own personal stylist. Every woman has her unique style – for example, someone who will buy black dresses may not buy a floral dress. Being able to identify and target our customers’ preferences will keep them coming back,” she says.

About Closet London

Founded in London over 20 years ago, the Closet brand is based on a philosophy to create contemporary womenswear that tells a story. Known for a love of elegant shapes and striking prints, every garment is still passionately designed and made in London today. Closet was awarded Drapers Young Fashion Brand of the Year in 2015.