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The Goal

  • Seamlessly integrate with Magento.
  • Segment customers and deliver relevant content marketing.
  • Use email to engage shoppers.

The Approach

  • Created a three-part welcome series for new subscribers.
  • Developed triggered lapsed purchase and post-purchase campaigns.
  • Experimented with a Black Friday campaign.

The Result

  • Black Friday campaign increased revenue 900% compared to the same day the previous year. Triggered campaigns deliver high click-through and conversion rates.

For a contemporary fashion label, finding the right balance of selling a lifestyle without coming across as salesy can be a challenge. When Swedish jeans brand Dr. Denim revised its ecommerce strategy to focus more on editorial content, designer Hanna Dalsman wanted to make sure this shift was matched by the company’s email marketing.

Dr. Denim was founded more than a decade ago, but only added an online store in 2013 to complement its strong network of online and bricks-and-mortar retail partners. The website relaunched in 2015 with the addition of extra functionality and editorial content to provide a richer experience for its customers. To better share the new content and build closer, more personal relationships with customers, the label needed an improved email strategy as well. “We are very much a lifestyle brand and don’t want to just email to sell but to add something to people’s lives. With the new strategy and change of website, we started to look into how we could improve email as a channel to get more traffic to the site and sell in a smarter way,” says Dalsman.

Pushing Content, Not Sales

Following a recommendation by its ecommerce solution provider Vaimo, Dr. Denim chose Bronto as the new email platform. Previously, the company’s email marketing was fairly basic – broad-brush messages sent to the entire subscriber list once a month to keep the brand front and centre with customers. Today, Dr. Denim has the option to segment the customer base, sending more targeted, relevant messages. “With Bronto, we can choose who to send to and when and are also able to be very specific when it comes to email design, which is really important for us,” she says.

30% of our Black Friday orders were generated by the email campaign.

Black Friday Success

The first email campaign on the new platform was unlike anything Dr. Denim had done before. The brand launched its first ever Black Friday campaign – exclusive to email subscribers. Customers were sent a 24-hour discount offer in a two-part email campaign that included one email with a preview of the offer and a second email to provide the discount code on Black Friday. “The sale wasn’t communicated on the site, so the only way you knew about it was if you received the email. We don’t do seasonal sales or give discounts, so it was interesting for us to see the results,” says Dalsman. The exclusive offer led to more than one in five customers purchasing during the Black Friday sales event, with a 22% email conversion rate achieved, 30% of the orders that day were generated by the email campaign and the total amount of orders was up by 900%.

Targeted Use of Data

Next, the company set up a three-part welcome series to introduce new email subscribers to the brand. “I just love the simple workflow that we created. It automatically checks the recipients’ engagement and sends targeted messages based on their interactions with our emails,” says Dalsman. The initial email gives new subscribers a 10% discount code on their first purchase. If recipients don’t purchase within one week, they receive an email that introduces them to Dr. Denim’s flagship stores and team. Only those who open the message receive a third email featuring new arrivals. “The first email incentivises people to visit our website and explore our product range; the second and third email are both reminders that we are here to inspire them,” says Dalsman.

Our welcome series generates a 2 Euro return on every email sent.

The results speak for themselves: The welcome series has a 5x higher conversion rate than Dr. Denim’s average marketing email. The brand has also seen a staggering open rate of 69% and a conversion rate of 20%, generating a 2 Euro return on every email sent.

The integration of the Magento ecommerce platform with Bronto also allows Dr. Denim to leverage customer data, such as purchase information and order history, in its emails. The brand introduced a two-step lapsed purchase campaign and a post-purchase campaign. The lapsed purchase programme re-engages customers who haven’t ordered in the last 90 days. If recipients don’t respond to the first email that invites them to explore the season’s new arrivals, they receive a second email with a 10% discount. Ten days after purchase, the post-purchase campaign automatically sends customers an email asking ‘Looking smashing in your new clothes?’. The message highlights customer service contact information and promotes the website’s lifestyle-oriented editorial section for further inspiration. Both campaigns have open rates of over 45%.

Exploring All the Possibilities

What’s next? “We know that the emails we send get results, so the focus now is on getting the frequency up and introducing further personalisation such as product recommendations. We will also work on growing our email list and want to move all our transactional emails into Bronto to ensure a consistent brand experience across all types of emails,” says Dalsman. “We try to make all communication feel good in the long run. It’s definitely been worth moving to Bronto – in just three months, we already got back what we spent.”

About Dr. Denim

Founded by the Graah family in 2004, Swedish brand Dr. Denim is famed for its narrow jeans silhouette and contemporary interpretations of denim. Focusing on a 20- to 30-year-old customer base, the brand distributes through retail partners, such as ASOS and Zalando, and launched its own online shop in 2013 and physical stores in 2014. Today, the company has a worldwide reach across 25 markets.

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