Fast Fashion Requires a Phenomenal Fit

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The Goal

  • Bring buyers back to their abandoned carts.
  • Introduce automated lifecycle messaging.

The Approach

  • Deployed Cart Recovery app to regain lost revenue.
  • Adopted automated welcome series and increased lifecycle messaging fivefold.

The Result

  • Cart Recovery messages open at a rate 273% higher and convert at a rate 166% higher than standard messages.
  • Open rate for automated lifecycle messages is double that of standard emails; they convert at 4x the rate of standard messages.

ELOQUII is a trailblazer in producing fast fashion designed exclusively in plus sizes. Instead of sizing up clothing patterned for straight-sized women, ELOQUII fits their original designs to sizes 14+, ensuring the perfect fit on runway-inspired designs.

The $18 billion market for plus-size apparel is woefully underserved, but ELOQUII wins customer praise and mentions in fashion magazines for tackling this niche. And it does it all (or most of it) via ecommerce, using email to help educate and retain customers and SMS to encourage their most trend-conscious followers to buy hot items before they sell out.

This two-pronged approach has kept Kelsey Foy, Director of Retention Marketing, busy. But she says Bronto lets her work efficiently, allowing her to manage a complex multi-faceted marketing program with help from just one other person.

“I’m not an email coder; I’m a marketer. Setting up emails and dropping in images is intuitive in Bronto. I can slice and dice my subscriber lists any way I want and create automated lifecycle messages. And I easily get to the metrics that help me assess and improve performance.” Of her previous job with a major online retailer, Foy says, “I had to beg a team to build something. I’d have to export raw data, build my own segments in Excel and then upload the resulting lists manually. Now I can do 98% of what I want right in the platform.”

Foy has increased by five-fold the automated lifecycle messages ELOQUII sends. The open rate is double that of standard marketing emails, and the emails convert at 4x the standard rate. Cart Recovery messages are converting 166% better than standard messages. All in, Bronto is helping drive email revenue more than 3x the company’s previous commerce marketing automation platform.

Start With a Hello

One of Foy’s major goals was setting up a welcome series that introduces customers to the brand. Foy discovered that while promotions deliver most of the time, an email that details how ELOQUII’s clothes fit and how to order the right size nudges unresponsive prospects off the sidelines. “Because we offer plus size and are online, fit is a big concern,” Foy says.

First-time purchasers are then moved into a workflow that encourages them to buy again within a given time period. The email for this campaign introduces new subscribers to ELOQUII’s creative director and their process for creating clothing.

Foy also uses a cart recovery message, which is consistently a top email revenue performer. Open rates are 273% higher than standard emails, and conversions are 166% higher. She uses Bronto partner Custora to create a list of customers at risk of straying, so she can automate a win-back email campaign to keep them in the ELOQUII family. Custora has also fashioned a VIP list that converts at twice the average for standard emails.

Foy is particularly happy to be able to segment in multiple ways, including using geo-segmentation to let customers that are near Happy Returns locations know that ELOQUII partners with that service. “We want to actively market geo-specific initiatives like Happy Returns, but only to customers who will find it relevant.” Likewise, she has used such location-based segmentation to let people know when a pop-up store is coming to their city.

“I’m always playing around with segmentation,” says Foy. “We want to maximize relevance so our customer is more engaged and more likely to convert.”

Engage the Fashion-Conscious

One of ELOQUII’s goals: Make their shoppers’ straight-size girlfriends jealous. The website dispenses with stale plus-size language like “figure-flattering” and instead displays on-trend clothing in the freshest colors and fabrics. Its bridal collaboration with Stone Fox Bride has been covered by Vogue, and its clothes have appeared on the red carpet on the likes of comic actress Aidy Bryant and “This Is Us” star Chrissy Metz.

ELOQUII’s fresh approach to fashion is mirrored in its marketing approach. Foy uses Bronto’s SMS program to reach customers in a new way. “Inboxes are getting more cluttered, but texts have an open rate of about 99%,” she notes. “We don’t push the same message as email. Instead, we send FOSO “fear of selling out” texts to our most fashion-forward customers, alerting them that a hot-ticket item is flying off the racks. We have new arrivals daily and don’t always restock items that sell out.” The program is still new, and so Foy is focusing right now on increasing sign-ups by working with Bronto partner Bounce Exchange to capture phone numbers and pass them into the platform.

Perhaps Foy’s favorite part of using the Bronto platform is the chat functionality for getting support questions answered. “I’ve chatted with Bronto customer service while in a meeting, and I have the answer while the meeting is still going on.”

Overall, she’s happy to work with such a strong solution. “I just love that Bronto has this figured out. I can oversee all of retention marketing, do it without a dedicated person coding emails, segment however I want and get results.”

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