A Classic Fit Gets a Boost From Email

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The Goal

  • Create effective triggered campaigns.
  • Attract female shoppers in anticipation of a new women’s product line launch.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Shopify Plus.

The Approach

  • Tested welcome series to increase conversions.
  • Automated segment creation for new product line launch.
  • Employed Bronto’s Shopify Plus connector to sync order data.

The Result

  • Welcome series conversion rates jumped 60%.
  • Conversion rates for emails segments to females had a 78% higher conversion rate.
  • The Shopify Plus connection makes it easy to use Bronto’s Coupon Manager to automatically generate unique promotion codes.

There is quite the buzz about Greats’ products. The shoe company blends retro athletic shoes with Italian leather craftsmanship to create footwear that wins rave reviews and loyal customers.

But it isn’t just the styling and fashion bloggers who have made Greats a success. Behind the scenes, Retention Marketing Manager Chris Berry is running a sophisticated email marketing program that uses multiple best practices and tools to keep customers coming back for more.

“We have no one specifically dedicated to email, and I don’t really have anyone to delegate to,” says Berry. “So I need a solution that is intuitive. Bronto is that.”

Flexibility and speed are critical to shaping the brand’s message as it expands into new markets. Case in point: the launch of a women’s product line. “Female customers need a different message that resonates with them and differs from our men’s messaging,” Berry says. He started by sending more female styles to his general list, asked (via preference form) for gender and then built a women’s list. He reshaped the messages to focus more on casual luxury and clocked a 78% improvement in conversion rates on the female-only segment compared to unisex messages.

Segmentation isn’t a new email technique, but what makes it particularly effective for Berry is that he can slice and dice his lists very quickly, around multiple variables, and manage and send multiple campaigns without coding or a team of marketers.

“We’re not afraid to test things, and we can do it without some complicated SQL query,” Berry says.

Berry detailed a list of campaigns that he’s successfully executed:

  • Welcome series – After extensive testing with Bronto, Greats increased conversion rates by 60%.
  • Segmented restock announcements – Greats discovered that customers who purchased a specific style are more likely to make their second purchase in the same (or similar) style in a different color. Segmenting the message to these clients doubles open rates.
  • Never-purchased trigger email – A message to those who subscribe but have never purchased is clicked on at a rate 60% higher than standard messages.
  • Re-engagement – Customers who haven’t opened an email in 180 days receive a message with a preference form that lets them unsubscribe or reduce the number of emails they receive. It also includes a small discount code for activation.

One of Berry’s most successful programs is Cart Recovery. Using Bronto’s Cart Recovery app, Greats sends messages that do particularly well with subscribers who’ve never purchased. “The conversion rate is 60% higher for people who haven’t purchased before. We love that because it is getting them back to our site,” he says. “It’s very valuable and we’ve mostly settled on our setting for it. As much as we can, it’s a set it and forget it campaign.”

Launching New Styles With Help From Email

Like many innovative brands, much of the brand’s marketing is around new releases, or updated versions of best-selling silhouettes. There are deeply loyal customers who can’t wait to check out the latest product. Berry has A/B tested release times and studied the best way to engage the customer who doesn’t respond to the first email.

He also runs a remail program to re-ping customers on the new releases. With the first email opening at a rate above 20%, the re-mails encourage another 10% to 12% of customers to take a look.

Using Location-Based Content to Drive Engagement

Berry understands people aren’t going to buy a pair of shoes every other week. To keep Greats top of mind, he uses email to showcase the company’s Brooklyn, N.Y. roots, it’s city-sponsored events and partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation that supports the underprivileged. But as he discovered in a pointed email from a customer outside the New York metropolitan area, those event messages were not as meaningful to someone who isn’t familiar with Brooklyn. So, Berry geo-segments the list to reduce unsubscribes. The New Yorkers get more New York-centric messaging, those outside the area hear about New York events but in a way that explains why Greats does what it does.

Making it all Work With Shopify Plus

Helping Berry drive email revenue is Bronto’s integration with ecommerce platform Shopify Plus. Bronto’s connector can sync all order data coming from Shopify Plus, including complete order history, as well as all customer information, including purchase data, attributes and metafields.

“The integration was straightforward, one of the easier integrations we have handled with Shopify Plus,” says Greats Webmaster Sam Anacker. “We are able to accomplish everything we wanted to.”

The Shopify/Bronto integration also paid off when Berry started using Bronto’s Coupon Manager a few months ago. The solution allows retailers to automatically generate unique codes that can be dropped into a shopper’s cart. It ends code leakage that threatens margins. “It’s been super easy to set up, very easy to integrate it into the workflows. And it integrated great with Shopify Plus,” Berry says.

Berry is happy he can manage email with a solution that gives him sophisticated options without the need for IT support. “From Day 1, I could send messages with Bronto. It’s easy to do the more advanced things. It gives me more time to do the high-level strategy and execute on that strategy.” Adds Berry, “I’ve recommended Bronto to marketing managers I know at other companies.”