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Brilliantly Useful Design Meets Effective Email Communication

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The Goal

  • Understand its customers.
  • Revive a dormant email program.
  • Grow the brand beyond the United Kingdom.

The Approach

  • Expand the use of triggered messages.
  • Incent customers to share information, such as birthdate, product interests and shopping frequency.
  • Localize emails to improve relevance for customers in different countries.

The Result

  • Nearly a fifth of revenue comes from email.
  • A triggered birthday message delivered a conversion rate of 15%.
  • Abandoned cart messages have click-through and conversion rates of 24%.

As a traditionally wholesale-focused brand, email marketing is allowing Joseph Joseph to understand its customers better than ever before – with a huge uplift in conversion. As a result, email-generated revenue is growing 239% year on year.

A Focus on Understanding its Customer Base Better

The home and kitchenware brand has long been popular with customers looking for innovative function and design. “Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to identify everyday problems and solve them by designing functional solutions,” explains Digital Marketing Manager Sophie Turnbull. But since the company sold primarily through retailers, it knew very little about its customers aside from that they were shopping at the likes of John Lewis.

To support its rapidly growing ecommerce business and learn more about its customers, the company placed a renewed focus on email marketing. “Email can be a great tool to increase sales and learn more about the people who buy from you. But it was under-utilised and we didn’t really have a structure in place. The approach was a bit ad-hoc,” Turnbull explains.

Using Triggered Campaigns to Seize Opportunities

To understand its customers better and drive revenue, Turnbull focused first on enhancing Joseph Joseph’s triggered messages. She expanded its welcome series from one email to five parts. The result: a 69% increase in revenue over the previous campaign. The ease of use of the Bronto platform was a key part of the success. “The automated workflows are ridiculously easy to set up and can be really detailed and granular,” Turnbull says.

The campaign includes a prize-incentivised customer survey to collect valuable data, such as birthday, product interests, shopping frequency and average spend, and help Joseph Joseph better understand its database.

Email-generated revenue is growing 239% year on year.

“It’s about knowing who’s shopping on our website. We need to make sure we understand who’s buying our products and translate these insights across the whole business — from getting our tone of voice right to developing new products,” Turnbull says.

The company used the information to launch another triggered campaign – offering customers a 15% discount on the day of their birthday. Turnbull says the campaign has delivered an open rate of 71%, click-through rate of 22% and conversion rate of 15%.

It also added an abandoned basket campaign that “has seen really good results with a 60.5% open rate,” says Turnbull. “It’s not offer-driven; it’s literally just reminding shoppers of what they left in their basket. It has click-through and conversion rates of 24% and is definitely one of our strongest campaigns,” she says.

Designing Beautiful, Targeted Emails

With a brand that’s built on design, it’s vital that the emails look good, too – design and imagery are a huge focus. “It’s the heart of our business, so being able to convey with beautiful imagery not just the aesthetic of the product but also the innovative function and how it’s used is crucial,” Turnbull says.

Email has proven to be instrumental in turning a lead into a customer.

Joseph Joseph knows that consumers only spend a couple of seconds scanning an email to find out if the content is relevant to them. The amount of information the brand can share through an image is much greater than just using text. Animated GIFs, which grab the recipient’s attention by visually demonstrating how the product works, have proven to be very popular with customers.

“We do a lot of testing around the most effective use of images in emails. Thanks to Bronto, the messages reliably make it into the recipient’s inbox and are easy to navigate, regardless of the device they’re opened on,” Turnbull says. “As a result, email-generated revenue is growing 239% year on year.”

Supporting International Growth

Email marketing is also crucial for the company’s global ambitions, as the brand focuses on expansion in the US.

“Traditionally, we’ve had blanket emails going to every country, but this year, we have been doing more US-centric campaigns, focusing on different national holidays and using language that resonates with Americans in the subject line and copy. Thanks to the dynamic blocks feature of the Bronto platform, it takes minimal effort to send out localised emails,” Turnbull says. “Once we’ve defined the featured products and imagery for the message, the system creates a tailored, localised email at the push of a button.”

Most importantly, email marketing is delivering results. “As the third biggest revenue driver behind SEO and PPC, it now accounts for nearly a fifth of revenue (18%),” says Turnbull. “Email has proven to be instrumental in turning a lead into a customer.”

About Joseph Joseph

Launched in 2003 by twin brothers Antony and Richard Joseph with the goal of creating functional, problem-solving household products, the company has grown to become an award-winning houseware brand being sold in over 100 countries across the globe.