Igniting Fast-Fashion Success

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The Goal

  • Increase subscriber list.
  • Drive holiday sales.

The Approach

  • Build list with a VIP program offer.
  • Offer VIPs special pre-holiday shopping opportunities.

The Result

  • Subscriber list more than doubled.
  • Email marketing drove 10% of revenue in November.
  • November revenue was 70% higher than the year before.

Lulus’ marketers understand that fast-fashion customers have short attention spans. An enticing Instagram pic or an appealing ad on a YouTube channel could send their target customer off to a competitor’s brand.

So how to gain some shopper stickiness? Craft a compelling Black Friday VIP campaign to dramatically up the number of email subscribers and keep them coming back – and buying – through an email-based loyalty campaign. The VIP campaign helped Lulus more than double its subscriber list over Black Friday. And with that healthy subscriber list, Lulus ecommerce marketing team is using Bronto to run its loyalty campaign. “Bronto has been a great solution for customer retention and reengagements,” says Noelle Sadler, Vice President of Marketing.

Gaining Subscribers

VIP campaigns can be kind of gimmicky, but Lulus made it anything but. “We started our Black Friday VIP campaign a few years ago as a pure marketing play. It was a ‘let’s do something fun for people who raise their hands and want to engage with us,’ ” Sadler says. The promotion attached to the original campaign was a ‘pick your discount’ concept. Two years ago, Lulus decided to get a little bit more strategic. The company is like other fast-fashion brands in that once a style sells out, there is a good chance it isn’t coming back. They figured that customers willing to share an email address should get first dibs on any Black Friday sale.

The next year the Lulus team further refined the model by stretching the VIP program throughout the month of November with a private sale held each Friday leading up to Black Friday. It extended the promotional period, while also spreading out the workload for the Lulus fulfillment center It also provided the marketing and development teams ample time to iron out potential problems before the week-long Black Friday / Cyber Monday VIP sale and promotional period.

The team tweaked email send times and made sure customer service was staffed appropriately based on the response from the first few Friday sales. And in a vertical that often offers Black Friday deals on the clothes that didn’t sell in the fall, Lulu’s offered their VIP customers newer, top-selling products at a discount. “Our VIP customers got to shop early and got the best deals on items that we have never previously marked down,” Sadler notes.

The goal was to double the subscriber list – Lulu’s more than doubled it. In addition, the retailer’s VIP email click-through rates were above 20%. Email marketing was responsible for 10% of the revenue throughout November and, year-over-year, November revenue was 70% higher.

“Without Bronto and the features and functionality it offers, we don’t believe we would have been nearly as successful at engaging customers and providing them with timely and relevant emails,” Sadler says. “Bronto is also very intuitive,” Sadler says. “It’s easy to use, easy to create customer segments and easy to upload our content. That’s important because we need to be able to jump in and change content and switch out products that sell out. And during Black Friday week we also needed a number of different team members to be able to make adjustments on the fly.”