Moda In Pelle

Moda In Pelle

Fashion Shoe Retailer’s Email Marketing Improvements Lead to 239% Revenue Increase

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The Goal

  • Increase email marketing with limited resources.
  • Automate email campaigns.
  • Move data seamlessly.

The Approach

  • Initiate welcome series.
  • Start remail program.
  • Increase open rates with A/B testing.

The Result

  • Easy-to-use solution allows retailer to try new techniques quickly and measure results.

About Moda in Pelle

Moda in Pelle launched in the mid-­70s with a single store in Leeds. It has since grown to be a national boutique brand, with over thirty stores and concessions situated in prime retail locations across the UK. A high-­fashion shoe brand that has been a favourite of British women for close to forty years, Moda in Pelle combines catwalk-­inspired designs with a unique feminine approach and incorporates seductive styles with a modern edge.

Moda in Pelle selected Bronto Software as its email marketing platform in May 2012, and in only seven months, has experienced incredible growth.


Moda in Pelle had three main email marketing goals when they signed-on with Bronto: 1) To implement and move data into Bronto quickly, easily, and seamlessly; 2) To segment on their data in order to send targeted email campaigns to smaller proportions of their contacts instead of one email sent to all of their subscribers; 3) To improve efficiency and accomplish more with limited resources by automating more of the segmentation and mailing process. By reducing the time to create segments and send email campaigns, they could spend more time focusing on the creative and the content that would drive revenue.

Solution and Results

Immediately upon switching to Bronto, Moda in Pelle saw an improvement in deliverability and a corresponding 5% increase in open and click rates, as well as a 2% increase in conversion rates.

Moda in Pelle moved quickly to take advantage of many aspects of the feature-rich Bronto Marketing Platform. They began to test and implement new ideas with each marketing campaign, leading to better results each month. For example, they initiated a welcome series to engage new subscribers. They created this as an automated program in Bronto, and in just two months, the revenue being generated was far more than they expected. At the rate it’s going, in one year, Moda in Pelle will have generated the equivalent of a whole extra month’s worth of revenue – that’s like having 13 months in one year! And this is just from implementing one simple series.

Moda in Pelle also began A/B testing in order to increase open rates. Using Bronto’s A/B testing functionality, they were able to easily test subject lines and other message elements, leading to as much as a 30% improvement in open rates.

In addition, Moda in Pelle have begun to remail subscribers who did not open an email, using a different subject line and email creative to remind them that the offer would end soon. These reminder emails, which are scheduled using automation, have provided as much as a 50% boost in revenue over the initial email. In their Summer Sale, remailing generated 12% of the overall campaign revenue.

Looking at these programs and improvements together, it has been a very successful year for Moda in Pelle. Comparing the seven month period in 2012 in which they used Bronto to the same period in 2011, Moda in Pelle increased their email-driven revenue by a phenomenal 239%. They see this as only the beginning. In 2013, Moda in Pelle are looking forward to using the Order Import functionality to be able to access all of their customers’ past purchase data and use it for better segmentation and more targeted campaigns and messages.