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Welcome Series Produces a 48% Revenue Uplift

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The Goal

  • Introduce subscribers to NOTHS’s unique value proposition.
  • Personalize messages based on customer actions.
  • Build customer loyalty.

The Approach

  • Start the series by sending the same message to all new subscribers with a second message that highlights the company’s relationship to independent vendors.
  • Segment the audience for a third message that invites purchasers to connect with NOTHS on social media, shows browsers new products and sends an offer to those who have ignored the earlier messages.
  • Craft additional messages to focus on earning a second purchase.

The Result

  • The customer’s response to the series determines what type of messages the customer receives in the future – all with the goal of creating loyal customers.

“We found that if you don’t purchase or click in the first 14 days you’re very unlikely to do so later”

Antony Lea, Head of CRM, NotOnTheHighStreet.com

The goal for Antony Lea and his customer relations management (CRM) team at NOTHS was to turn their welcome series into a “unique journey” for each customer. When Bronto demonstrated its Workflow Automation for them, they knew it was the ideal tool for creating those journeys.

“It was then that we realised the true extent of Bronto’s functionality. It was brilliant!”

But a tool like Workflow is only as brilliant as the marketer who wields it. NOTHS recently showed off those marketing smarts with its well-crafted welcome series. Before making Bronto its marketing automation platform, the NOTHS welcome series was eight emails sent over a period of 28 days. Every subscriber received the same emails. That approach changed dramatically once Bronto’s workflows were put to use. Each customer who now enters the welcome series receives the same three emails to start. The first is a brand-oriented message, introducing customers to the concept behind NotOnTheHighStreet.com, an online marketplace that provides a venue for thousands of small businesses to sell their products.

“We want them to feel good about making a purchase with us”, Antony said. “Not only do they get cool stuff, but they’re doing good things for the British economy.”

Once those good feelings are engendered, customers receive a second message two days later that outlines the different categories and departments within NOTHS – everything from birthday cards to jewellery. Then comes a third message detailing some of the unique products offered on the site.

Then things get interesting … and highly targeted.NOTHS gathers the response data from those first three emails and decides which path each customer’s journey will take.

A customer who made a purchase as a result of one of those three emails would then be sent a message detailing the various social media platforms NOTHS uses. If the customer opened the message and clicked on something but didn’t make a purchase, then a message detailing the newest products on the site is sent next. Customers who didn’t open any of the first three messages? They get a more offer-led message, perhaps with a discount included within.

If you purchase a second time, you’re removed from the welcome series. If you purchase once but then don’t purchase again, you may get a message letting you know that those who make a second purchase will be entered in a prize drawing.

And so on … with a myriad of possible messages and outcomes based purely on the actions the customer has taken previously. But the many varied paths have often led to the same result: a lucrative conversion.

Average order values for the welcome series were 20% higher than what NOTHS’s other marketing messages produced.

Overall, the “unique journey” strategy for the NOTHS welcome series resulted in a 48% year-over-year (YOY) increase in revenue.

NOTHS also learned from running this campaign that it needed to dramatically reduce its time frame. The messages that used to be sent over a 28-day period are now sent during 14 days.