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Kicking It Into High Gear With Coupon Manager

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The Goal

  • Engage with customers.
  • Reduce promo code leakage.
  • Use email marketing in a more sophisticated way.

The Approach

  • Adopt Coupon Manager to provide exclusive coupons.
  • Add Cart Recovery emails.
  • Welcome new subscribers with a series of emails.

The Result

  • Coupons are added to individual shopping carts and subscribers are much more engaged.

When Mike Girardin looks back at the strides Silver Jeans has made in its email marketing over the past year, he talks about the program going from “0 to 60.”

It’s an apt analogy, if you tack on a few zeros to the 60.

When Girardin took over as Silver Jeans’ ecommerce manager in the spring of 2014, the Canadian fashion retailer wasn’t really using email as a revenue-generating tool. Under Girardin, that began to change, quickly and emphatically.

“If you look at our last year’s numbers compared to this year’s numbers, such a huge chunk of our sales are coming from our email strategies,” said Girardin, who is now Silver Jeans’ Director of E-Commerce.

And the stats back him up. In January of 2014, email generated-revenue accounted for just 0.5% of Silver Jeans’ online revenue. A year later, that number was up to 17%. By August 2015, email was generating 22% of the retailer’s online revenue.

Choosing The Right Engine

In Girardin’s previous ecommerce positions, he’d used a variety of marketing automation platforms, from some of the more basic ones, designed to facilitate batch-and-blasts, to the expensive high-end versions.

“Bronto is the best platform I’ve used so far. It’s great to find so many features in one spot that work so well.”

“Bronto is the best platform I’ve used so far,” he said. “It’s great to find so many features in one spot that work so well, without any clunkiness. I don’t have to talk to a salesperson every month because I need something else.”

Getting in Gear

The acceleration of Silver Jeans’ email marketing occurred in several areas. Last summer, they set about cleaning out their email lists, cutting them in half by getting rid of dormant accounts. Since then, they’ve built the list back up to its previous levels, but with engaged subscribers this time.

Girardin also reworked the abandoned cart emails that Silver Jeans was sending, adding a more compelling message and images of the items left behind in the cart. “Our abandoned cart messages now have a conversion rate of 16%,” says Girardin.

Silver Jeans’ welcome series also received an overhaul. “We improved the look and feel of the welcome series and increased the amount of the coupon we send with the first message,” he said. “The series now has a conversion rate of 17.5% and an impressive revenue ratio of $4.35 per email.”

Cruising With Coupon Manager

Another key contributor to Silver Jeans’ warp speed rise in revenue has been Bronto’s Coupon Manager. Girardin and his staff added the app because they “were sick and tired of the exclusive coupon codes ending up on coupon sites.”

“Our abandoned cart messages now have a conversion rate of 16%. And the welcome series has a conversion rate of 17.5% and an impressive revenue ratio of $4.35 per email.”

It was a problem on several fronts. Birthday emails weren’t that special anymore when the featured coupon could be located on other sites and reused throughout the year. And the incentive to sign up for Silver Jeans’ emails wasn’t very strong either when the welcome message coupon could be found elsewhere. The unique coupon codes generated by Coupon Manager have eliminated that headache. The app has also made it easier for Silver Jeans to distribute gift card codes as bonuses for high-volume shoppers during special promotions.

“Now with Coupon Manager, we just import a bunch of gift card codes as coupon codes and then we send them to anyone who’s bought to that level,” Girardin said. “We look at our stats, ‘Okay, here’s everyone who’s spent over $200 on the site,’ and then send the email out to them. Easy. It allows for a lot more automation.”

Because Silver Jeans also has Bronto’s Magento Extension integration, users who click through on the coupon emails automatically have the code entered into their shopping cart.

“Automatically adding the coupon code to the shopping cart is a good customer experience too,” Girardin said.

“If they don’t want to use it right away, it’s there when they revisit the cart and they’re reminded, ‘Oh yeah, I had that coupon! I’m going to buy this now because I get 15% off!’”

“Coupon Manager has definitely made our lives easier.”

The Road Ahead

Girardin continues to look for ways to build on Silver Jeans’ email momentum. He wants to turn the abandoned cart message into a series and put together a post-purchase series as well.

Silver Jeans is also looking at ways to do more with segmentation and get more granular with their targeted messages.

There are still plenty of items left on Silver Jeans’ to-do list, but there’s also a feeling of satisfaction about what’s been accomplished in the past year.

“From what we were doing to what we’re doing now, it’s just a huge increase.”

About Silver Jeans

Over the past two decades, Silver Jeans Co.™ has become known as the must-have brand for those who demand a perfect fit from their jeans. The brand is a time-tested collection that blends modern and vintage details with intricate washes and creative designs. Dedicated to the craft of making jeans and the integrity of its product, Silver Jeans Co.™ gives its fashion-savvy but cost-conscious customer the latest styles and best quality at a price that he or she can afford. Today, the brand has grown to a $100 million dollar denim giant sold in over 30 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia.