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Finding the Right Fit With Bronto

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The Goal

  • Flexibility to do more email work in-house.
  • Engage browsing customers.
  • Generate more revenue from email.

The Approach

  • Employ strategic services to spark ideas.
  • Add a cart recovery program, re-engagement campaign and welcome series.
  • Experiment with different campaigns.

The Result

  • 69.7% increase in email-generated revenue in first nine months with Bronto.

When it came to commerce marketing automation, Unique Vintage was looking for a Goldilocks solution.

The California-based retro-inspired fashion retailer had been with a provider that was very hands-on and very expensive, limiting Unique Vintage’s freedom to experiment with their marketing. They swapped that for a solution that was anything but – it simply didn’t have the tools to help Unique Vintage do what they wanted.

But with Bronto, Unique Vintage now has things “just right.” They have the freedom and flexibility to dream up all sorts of marketing ideas and the capability, via Bronto’s software and support, to turn those ideas into revenue-producing campaigns.

The proof is in the porridge: In the first nine months after signing on with Bronto, Unique Vintage’s email-generated revenue increased 69.7% YOY.

“We’ve never once been limited by what we can do in Bronto,” said Courtney Lear, Unique Vintage’s Director of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce. “Pretty much anything that we can dream up, we can go in there, get our hands dirty and whip up some workflows in that great UI.”

Virtual Dressing Room

Unique Vintage has come a long way from the days when founder Katie Echeverry was scouring flea markets and selling individual pieces of vintage clothing out of her garage. But throughout its rapid growth over the past 15 years, the company has worked to keep its relationship with customers the same: friendly and personal.

And that holds for all of its marketing messages, even the ones that might at first glance seem to be fairly straightforward.

“That’s how we think of abandoned cart messages,” Lear said. “The idea is that you have this virtual dressing room – essentially your cart – and we’re holding your items for you. We’re reminding you that they’re there, giving you style suggestions, things like that.”

Unique Vintage’s abandoned cart messages are producing a revenue rate of $2.05 per email and a conversion rate of nearly 20%.

Abandoned cart was an area in which Unique Vintage struggled to find the right fit with its previous commerce marketing platforms. It had success with its first one, but felt restricted in large part because of the price of executing various ideas. The second provider simply wasn’t ready for B2C marketing, Lear said.

“We were told, ‘It’s working; it’s fine.’ Now we see how good things can be, being on Bronto.”

Unique Vintage’s abandoned cart messages are producing a revenue rate of $2.05 per email and a conversion rate of nearly 20%.

The messages are sent through from Magento to Bronto via the Magento Extension. The integration process was where Lear first realized Bronto was the provider she’d been searching for.

“It was the easiest integration we’ve ever gone through. The biggest compliment I could give the integration team is I forgot that they were doing what they were doing, and then it was done.”

From Skeptic to Believer

Abandoned cart messaging is just one of a host of campaigns that Unique Vintage has up and running now.

That’s due in part to the ease of use of the Bronto Marketing Platform, but it’s also because of something Lear admitted she didn’t even want at first.

“We want to get to the next level and we want to try new things. That’s why Bronto’s such a great fit for us.”

“Not gonna lie: In the beginning, I was so skeptical. I thought, ‘We’ve got this, we know how to do email, we know what we want, we don’t need someone watching us and telling us what to do’.”

But the Bronto Strategy approach wasn’t about taking the wheel away from Lear and her team. Rather it was about pointing out different directions Unique Vintage could take their marketing, and the best ways to get there.

“Our Bronto strategist has been an amazing resource in keeping us focused on our overarching program goals and developing actionable ideas and programs to achieve them,” Lear said. “She even told us, ‘You guys have gotten a ton done.’”

What’s Next

It’s an impressive list, with everything from a welcome series to birthday messages to a re- engagement campaign. But Unique Vintage isn’t stopping to admire the view. They’ve recently purchased Bronto’s Coupon Manager app and plan to use it as a key component in creating automated lapsed- purchase and never-purchased campaigns.

“Having those unique coupon codes not only makes the offers feel special to the customer, it also creates a whole other level of tracking and reporting for us,” Lear said. “It’s going to be a great resource. We’re excited.”

Excited about the potential of their latest campaigns and at the possibilities for future ideas that Unique Vintage will no doubt put into action soon.

“We want to get to the next level and we want to try new things,” Lear said. “That’s why Bronto’s such a great fit for us.”

About Unique Vintage

In September of 2008, Katie Echeverry opened her first brick and mortar boutique in her hometown of Burbank, California. Because of its immediate success, the store expanded in 2011 to more than 4,000 square feet! For any vintage fashion lover, a visit to Unique Vintage’s Magnolia Boulevard boutique feels like being a kid in a candy store. Oversized crystal chandeliers cast a glow on an ever changing collection of evening gowns, swing dresses, “Mad Men” style wiggle dresses, gorgeous hand beaded flapper dresses, retro swimsuits, fabulous jewelry, shoes, handbags, and novelty gifts.