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Cart Recovery is Recipe for Revenue Growth

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The Goal

  • Recover revenue from abandoned carts.
  • Grow subscriber list.
  • Analyze with A/B testing.

The Approach

  • Install Cart Recovery.
  • Fine-tune timing and sending frequency.
  • Add pop-up to increase subscriptions.

The Result

  • Cart Recovery is delivering revenue, and Pop-Up Manager is quickly growing the subscriber list.

With an impressive offering of known and trusted brands, from Baker’s Secret® to Pyrex®, World Kitchen products are in the majority of American homes and sold everywhere from your local grocery store to the world’s largest retailers.

World Kitchen operates a number of B2C websites that provide access to an even broader range of products – everything from the perfect Corelle® dinnerware platter to a replacement lid for a favorite CorningWare® casserole dish.

With so many choices, a large percentage of shoppers place items in their carts but then fail to complete the purchase. Until recently, World Kitchen had no mechanism for bringing back shoppers who abandoned their carts.

World Kitchen is far from alone in dealing with this issue. Forrester Research estimates that 87% of consumers abandon carts, resulting in $18 billion of lost revenue annually, and other industry research confirms that over 70% of all online shopping carts are abandoned.

Based on these insights, World Kitchen chose to pursue a cart abandonment solution with great urgency.

“I was frantic to get it,” said Penny Powell, Director of Ecommerce at World Kitchen. “Your customer is ‘in the store’ with the product in their hands. They’re never going to be riper for conversion than they are at that moment.”

When Bronto came out with Cart Recovery last fall, World Kitchen was one of the first to try the new app. Having already worked with the Bronto Marketing Platform, World Kitchen was confident that Cart Recovery would have similar positive attributes.

In just over three months, Cart Recovery helped World Kitchen recover nearly 2,000 abandoned carts. The total revenue in those carts was over 35 times the cost of an annual subscription for the app.

“It’s very seamless,” Powell said. “The whole interface is intuitive. It’s customer-friendly.”

And the technical side of the setup was very developer-friendly. World Kitchen merely needed to insert a small block of JavaScript on its site. Bronto then took care of the rest, including:

  • Configuring cart selectors to capture the contents of the cart.
  • Setting up timers in Cart Recovery to determine when carts should be considered abandoned, based on inactivity or time since last cart update.

“It was very quick,” said World Kitchen web architect Chris Putman. “Bronto walked us through the whole process.”

Meanwhile, World Kitchen turned to a Bronto strategist for best practice advice on launching the app, as well as templates for the emails that would be sent to the owners of the abandoned carts.

Let the Automation Do The Work

World Kitchen set up a three-message cart abandonment series. Using the app’s CartBeat function, they can determine in real time when a cart has been abandoned. They then used the Bronto Workflow Automation to send out the first message, a basic reminder, an hour later.

If the first message receives no response, a second message is sent out 24 hours after abandonment. This email includes images of the products left behind in the cart.

The third message is delivered five days after the cart was abandoned and has a greater sense of urgency. It lets the shopper know that their cart will soon expire and offers an incentive for returning to complete the purchase.

“We’re getting revenue every day that we wouldn’t get otherwise,” Powell said.

In just over three months, Cart Recovery helped World Kitchen recover nearly 2,000 abandoned carts. The total revenue in those carts was over 35 times the cost of an annual subscription for the app.

Fine Tuning With Testing

That’s a phenomenal return on investment, but World Kitchen is pushing for even more. They have plans to test new looks, new copy and new subject lines for the cart recovery messages. Setting up the A/B test will only require a few clicks and drags in their current workflow.

“Everything is really easy,” Powell said.

Now that World Kitchen has Cart Recovery in place – supported by the Bronto integration for the Demandware Commerce Cloud – Powell only has one regret.

“I only wish you’d had it sooner,” she said. “I would recommend this to anyone. This needs to be one of your core programs for any marketer who uses email.”

Demandware Partnership

Cart Recovery is just one of the ways that Bronto is working with Demandware, World Kitchen’s e-commerce platform provider, to help lift Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) for World Kitchen.

  • The Bronto integration for the Demandware Commerce Cloud gives World Kitchen the ability to send order confirmations from the Bronto Marketing Platform with a new look and feel, making the transition to promotional post-purchase messages a seamless one. This order confirmation message has had an impressive open rate of nearly 70%.
  • World Kitchen used Bronto’s Workflow Automation tool and order data from the Demandware Commerce Cloud integration to trigger a message that thanks customers for their previous purchase and offers a $10 or $20 off incentive. This message produced a 286% lift in open rate and a 156% increase in click rate over average promotional messages.
  • Since installing Bronto’s Pop-up Manager app, World Kitchen has doubled the monthly rate at which it is adding subscribers to its lists.

It’s all added up to a 9% year-over-year increase in GMV even though World Kitchen actually cut its number of email sends by 33% over the last half of 2014.